Choosing the Best Method and Dosing for You

Whatever your reason for taking CBD, whether for a boost in general wellness or a specific medical condition, its diverse methods of consumption is what appeals to many. There are a number of different consumption methods for those seeking to benefit from the natural goodness of the hemp plant, providing you with a range of options.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is one of over 120 cannabinoids that have been discovered to date – a cannabinoid is a molecule that is found in the Cannabis plant. When taken, it interacts with our endocannabinoid system, the system which is responsible for keeping the body in a state of homeostasis, or in the Goldilocks Zone – regulated and balanced.

When you take CBD oil you can give your endocannabinoid system a lift, helping your immune system, pain relief, appetite, and nervous system, among others.

Although it is impossible to take too much CBD to ‘overdose’, some people do suffer from mild side effects – which, although they don’t have any long-term impact, is not desirable. That said, getting the right dose is important to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefits from your CBD intake.

How to take CBD – Delivery Methods

There are a number of easy ways to take CBD, each with their pros and cons. Meaning that you can choose which CBD consumption method suits you best.

Vaping CBD

One of the best ways to consume CBD is via a vaporizer. This is achieved with an e-cigarette or vape-pen, although the preferred method is with a vaporizer. Vape pens, however, are mobile, fit in your pocket and can be very discreet, creating some vapour but with very little odour. CBD vape pens also come as a disposable pen, offering you an all in one, purchase solution.
When you are vaping CBD, the e-liquid which contains the cannabidiol is added to a chamber in the ‘pen’. This is heated up to the optimum temperature, and the liquid is inhaled.

Although it looks like smoking, it doesn’t possess the dangers that are associated with ‘conventional smoking’. The liquid is heated up, but not burnt as it is in cigarettes, meaning that there are fewer carcinogens, and you get more goodness from the plant.
Due to the fact that when you vape, the CBD goes into the lungs and then into the bloodstream, it is one of the fastest methods of consumption. Meaning, that if you are unsure of how much to take, you can take at your own discretion as its benefits are instantaneous, making it easier for you to gauge its effects.

Sub-Lingual CBD

Another common CBD consumption method is sub-lingual. This method is quick to administer and gives you more control over how much you are taking. The label should clearly advise you as to how much CBD you will consume per drop, providing you with a specific dosage.

When you take drops under the tongue you should leave it there for a few seconds, allowing it to absorb directly into the bloodstream. Again, this means that it will take a more direct route as opposed to other methods, which have to work their way through the digestive system.

CBD Capsules

Different capsules offer different quantities of CBD, so it is best to start with a lower dosage and build your way up to the desired amount. Taking CBD in capsule form is perhaps one of the most convenient of ways, the main downfall is that it generally takes between 30-40 minutes to feel its effects.

Due to the fact that you are ‘eating’ the capsule, it is absorbed entirely in the stomach. So not only does it take a little longer, but also, not all of the capsules contents manage to enter the bloodstream.

CBD Edibles

CBD Edibles are another popular method of consumption. There is a range of CBD edible options available for retail purchase, including gummies, chocolate, water, and also a home-baked option. This makes life much more interesting.

Should you choose the home-baked option, try not to over-heat the CBD as it may leave a sour taste.

Topical CBD

If you are looking to use CBD for a skin condition or directly target an infected and painful area, it may be advised to choose CBD creams and gels. These are applied directly onto the skin, and although they take longer to absorb, you can use as much of this as you like.
As this method prevents CBD from entering into the bloodstream, you can take as much as you like, without any adverse side effects.

CBD Dosing

It is important to remember that everybody is different therefore requiring different doses of CBD. Cannabidiol, like a lot of natural remedies, has what is called a biphasic effect.

This means that often high doses will have the same effect as low doses. It is therefore recommended that you start off with low doses and gradually increase them until you find your optimal level.

If you are taking any sort of medication, it is advised that you seek medical assistance from a professional, before trying CBD products. This is because CBD can change the way that some medications are metabolised, altering the effectiveness of your current medication.

With a variety of CBD products hitting retail shelves, and modern research backing up the suggested evidence to the therapeutic value of cannabidiol extracts. It’s worth considering CBD as an alternative option.

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