Smoking is injurious to health because tobacco cigarettes contain carbon monoxide and tar. For this reason, people are moving toward safe alternatives to smoke. If you want to avoid the disadvantages of cigarette smoke, here are some tips to follow.

  1. Use Bongs

Bongs are water pipes famous to smoke cannabis. These are available in sizes and shapes. You can find a chamber and a bowl in basic design. Moreover, the market has mouth-blown, colorful bongs.

It features a small bowl to hold dry weed. Once you light the weed, it combusts and creates smoke. As you gasp, water in the base of the bong bubbles. The smoke builds up through the liquid and chamber before entering your lungs and mouth.

Smokers prefer the use of bong as compared to a traditional pipe made of glass. With the use of glass bongs, you can avoid risky elements, such as tar or ash. These components get trapped in the liquid and can’t reach your mouth. Read more about bongs and their types to filter out harmful toxins and carcinogens from dry herbs.

Water filtration can cool down the smoke before you inhale it to decrease the risk of irritation in your throat and lungs. As compared to a glass pipe, bong offers a cooler and smoother taste. No doubt, a bong is superior for its ease of use as compared to bubblers.

  1. Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes (vaping) are a cool way to tobacco smoking. This method is safe because you will inhale water vapors. No doubt, e-cigarettes contain some nicotine; therefore, you should not exceed its use.

Basically, electronic cigarettes are famous for quit smoking sessions. These have a cartridge or a mouthpiece, a rechargeable battery, a heating element, and electronic circuits. It needs a solution known as e-juice or e-liquid with some nicotine extracts and propylene glycol.

Propylene glycol is available in inhalers for asthma. You can find it in different flavors, such as lava flow, menthol, watermelon, etc. Some flavors resemble the traditional flavor of cigarettes.

  1. Menthol Cigarettes

These cigarettes are refreshing and cool. In the tobacco industry, these are considered a lighter form of smoking. Menthol cigarettes contain menthol to trigger cold-sensitive nerves in your skin. Menthol has an anesthetic and cooling effect. It can decrease the cough reflex and soothe your dry throat.

Menthol smoke can stay in your lungs for a longer period. If these cigarettes have some amount of nicotine, these can be dangerous for you. Menthol cigarettes are suitable for young smokers. Make sure to avoid these cigarettes with nicotine content.

  1. Edibles

If you want to avoid the harmful effects of cannabis, avoid cigarette smoking. Nowadays, cannabis edibles are available with different potency. These edibles may take more time to affect your body as compared to smoke.

Cannabis edibles filter through your mouth membrane and liver. On the other hand, its smoke goes into your lungs. For this reason, smoke is more dangerous than edibles. With several variables, it isn’t straightforward to say anything about the accurate effects of cannabis on your body.

If you are taking some medication, you should consult your physician before choosing any edible. These may include capsules, lozenges, and food products. Several edibles contain the right amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

  1. Ash Catchers to Improve Bong Experience

With the use of an ash catcher, you can decrease the harmful effects of smoking. It is an important step to involve water filtration. As a result, you can cool down the smoke. Improper filtration in bongs may increase the risk of coughing fits.

An ash catcher makes it easy for you to separate the bowl from a bong. It will decrease the chances of ash falling directly in your mouth. Several ash catchers are available in the form of an integrated percolator. As a result, you will get extra cooling.

You can buy ash catcher bongs in different designs and sizes. These look similar to a mini water pipe. Some famous glass models are available in the market. Feel free to buy them as an accessory for water pipes and bongs.

  1. Ice Catcher

These are famous glass bongs available with ice catchers. It comes with bulges in the bong’s tube. For this reason, you can add ice in a tube. Ice catcher can keep ice away from the water chamber so that it melts slowly. As a result, you will get cold smoke.

An excellent and refreshing smoking experience is possible with the help of an ice catcher. Numerous smokers love this experience. Keep adding ice to keep smoke cool before it hits your lungs. Nowadays, you can easily buy bongs with ice catchers. It is a must-have feature for bongs.

It is easy to add ice in an ice bong, but you have to be careful. You can’t throw ice carelessly because hard cubes of ice can break the glass. People often ignore this advice because of the use of durable pyrex or simax glass material in their construction. Still, you can’t forget that it is a glass. Incline the ice a bit before adding in the bong.

  1. Hemp Wick

Nowadays, the hemp plant has different uses. From organic lotions, hemp seed cookies, bread, and clothing, everything is available to satisfy your craving. For this reason, you can avoid cannabis smoke and use other alternatives.

Hemp wick is an innovative creation. It contains a hemp fiber wrapped around one lighter to lit it easily. The use of hemp wick lighters is better than a butane lighter. You will not inhale harmful butane gasses. By burning hemp wick, you can protect your lungs from toxic gases. For this reason, you can enjoy smooth and tasty hits.

With the use of hemp wick, you can get better control of flame. Nowadays, hemp wick holders are available in the market. It allows you to ball up a wick and put it in a storage pot. Stick will end through its hole. As a result, dabbing becomes easy, and you can avoid maximum risks. Instead of holding the wick, feel free to grasp a pot.


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