CBD oil has quickly become a popular and widely discussed product around the world. The potential of the product is increasingly being proven based on scientific research and studies. The topic of marijuana and its pros and cons has itself been of high interest to many for years and has led to numerous discussions. Recently, with more and more research suggesting that the plant has hidden potential to cure different health conditions, it is increasingly being legalized for medical purposes in different countries.
As a result, the marijuana market has developed significantly recently, giving birth to products such as CBD oil. However, it is interesting to find out that CBD oil is actually not only made from marijuana but can be derived from hemp as well. The benefits of both products will vary as the plants carry their own specific characteristics, differentiating one from the other.
To better understand CBD oil it is worth exploring the difference between marijuana and hemp with the aim of establishing the potential of cannabis CBD oil and hemp CBD oil. Let’s dig a little deeper and uncover the true nature of these plants.
What is marijuana?

The majority of the world’s population is familiar with the term marijuana. However, marijuana is not simply the ‘high’ greens that are consumed for a mind-altering experience. In order to make the distinction between cannabis oil and hemp oil, it is essential to look further and into the nature of these two plants.
Cannabis CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plants, which has its specific set of characteristics, differentiating it from the hemp plant. The distinction can easily be made simply by looking at the two plants. Marijuana resembles a bush and has broad leaves, which will vary in color depending on the strain. The plant requires careful and specific cultivation and is certainly harder to harvest when compared to hemp. The marijuana plants are usually best cultivated in humid atmospheres, where the temperature and environment are controlled. The plants are positioned far away from each other and usually have a growth cycle of 60-90 days.

What is hemp?

The hemp industry is growing and evolving, with a range of hemp products available on the market today. For instance, hemp can be used to make shoes, rope, clothes, and even soap, beer, or sunscreen. The plant itself has skinny leaves, usually focused towards the top of the flower, with few to no branches towards the bottom. In contrast to the marijuana plant, hemp reaches bigger heights. In terms of cultivation, hemp plants are usually put close together and are easier to grow as they are not very picky in terms of climate.

The difference between cannabis CBD oil and hemp CBD oil

The origin of cannabis and hemp CBD oil
As we touched upon earlier, one of the main differences between the two oils is that they are derived from different plants – hemp and cannabis or marijuana. The species of the plant is the same but the actual strains are different. Hemp is not commonly used in medicine but is rather a key product in making other products, including clothing, paper, and more. The reason behind the lacking interest in hemp from the medical industry is mainly due to its low quantity of chemical compounds or cannabinoids.
On the other side, the marijuana plant is increasingly entering the world of pharmaceuticals and medicine, as it is rich in CBD and THC, compounds with therapeutic effect and potential treatments for a range of health conditions.

The legality CBD oil from hemp and cannabis
Words like marijuana and cannabis were taboo for years but nowadays the world is gaining a more liberal mentality towards the plant and a number of countries have already legalized the it, either for recreational or medical use. Cannabis CBD oil can be purchased via a licensed manufacturer or seller and is prescribed by a medical professional on a range of occasions.
On the other hand, hemp CBD oil remains illegal across the majority of the globe. If you have decided to consumer hemp CBD oil it is essential to ensure that the product has been regulated and covers all safety requirements.

The CBD levels in cannabis and hemp oil
CBD oil is the desired product by a wide variety of individuals, most of which are after its therapeutic effect. The oil has been proven to have a positive effect on a range of conditions and has helped with the treatment of insomnia, dementia, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, obesity, sleep disorders, and even cancer.

However, it is worth mentioning that now all CBD oil is the same. CBD oil derived from cannabis will have larger quantities of CBD, while oil derived from hemp will have low levels of CBD. Because of this, it is believed that cannabis CBD oil will have a stronger effect on patients or individuals feeling discomfort, in comparison to hemp CBD oil. To add some numbers in the picture, CBD oil from cannabis will normally have 20% CBD concentration, while that from hemp will only have around 4%.

THC found in CBD oil from cannabis and hemp

The psychoactive substance found in marijuana, which is commonly discussed and raises a lot of questions, is named THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is best known for providing the ‘high’ effect that marijuana consumers experience when smoking. THC can also be used for treating a range of diseases or health conditions but its effects are more controversial as it can seriously influence the state of mind of an individual in unexpected ways.

On the other hand, when taken at the right dose, THC can have a number of positive influences on the mind and body. It is believed to improve social interaction, boost creativity, and can reduce stress or anxiety.

When it comes to THC in hemp and cannabis oil, there is certainly a difference in the amounts discovered. Hemp oil will usually contain no more than 0.3% THC, while cannabis CBD oil, on average, will have around 2mg/ml of THC. The THC compound is a valuable ingredient to have in your CBD oil and most consumers would prefer to know that their product is THC-rich. Of course, this would vary depending on the personal preferences or condition of the consumer and should be discussed with a professional from the medical field.

When THC and CBD are mixed together they are likely to offer an increased benefit to the consumer as every cannabinoid will be able to reveal its benefits to the consumer.

Other health concerns of hemp and cannabis CBD oil

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding CBD oil is whether it is addictive in any way. The answer for both hemp and cannabis CBD oil is no, as there is no chemical addiction discovered so far.
It is interesting to know that cannabis CBD oil is commonly combined with coconut oil or other forms of healthy for the body fat. The reason behind this mix is that when combined with a healthy fat, the oil is quickly and easily absorbed the by the body, giving a stronger effect. However, in the case of hemp oil produced for vaping, there may be substances such as propylene glycol in the mix. Although this substance has been approved as safe, there is a risk of it becoming toxic when inhaled.

Health benefits compared

Although both hemp CBD oil and cannabis CBD oil can be used for medical reasons as treatment, their effects widely vary due to their diverse nature. When seeking professional advice from a doctor, for instance, they will most certainly advise the use of cannabis CBD oil rather than hemp oil, mainly due to its unregulated practice and lack of scientific studies.
Cannabis CBD oil is commonly prescribed for conditions such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, cancer, bipolar or other mental disorders, anxiety, stress, or depression, lack of concentration, sleep disorders, chronic pain, nausea, and more. There are different methods of consuming cannabis CBD oil that can be explored, such as vaping, placing under the tongue, spraying, and more.

The differences between CBD oil derived from marijuana and hemp are numerous. However, the basic concept is its use and support when it comes to health conditions and disorders. As the facts from above reveal, hemp CBD oil is believed to be less popular across the world due to the lack of regulation. Cannabis CBD oil is commonly prescribed in countries where it has been legalized by professionals, as a natural cure to health conditions. If you are fond of the idea of using nature’s powerful products to treat yourself, cannabis CBD oil may be of use. The oils can be purchased with a prescription and for the ultimate effect, it is essential to follow the prescription in terms of dosage and time of intake.

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