Rick Simpson oil or RSO has an interesting origin and has won the hearts of many who are inspired by Rick Simpson, the man who coined the name of the oil. Unique in its nature and properties, Rick Simpson oil is extremely THC-rich cannabis oil, which has been said to have the ability to treat cancer and other health conditions.

Rick Simpson personally experimented with the product in his desire to treat his skin cancer. After witnessing the benefits of the product, he actively began spreading the word and inspiring others to find a natural cure for the deadly condition. His true passion for cannabis and the oil in specific has helped him motivate others to explore the potential of the herb by creating their own Rick Simpson oil.

If you are interested in exploring how Rick Simpson oil is made, you have come to the right place. Below we will share with you the recipe for RSO and suggest a few intake methods, which you can choose from.

The Making of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

The creation of Rick Simpson can easily be made at home and his instructions for consumption actually include homemade RSO. The process is compared to producing cannabutter or other alternatives to cannabis oil. The main suggestion for the making of Rick Simpson oil is the use of indica cannabis strains to get the maximum effect from the product. However, the strain can be separately selected based on the condition of the patient and their personal preferences and needs.

We offer a step-by-step recipe that will leave you with a pleasant and safe to use Rick Simpson oil. The following instructions and quantities used will result in around 60 grams of RSO, which is an adequate amount which can be used for a 90-day treatment. If your treatment will not require 90 days but is significantly shorter, you can divide the recipe into two or smaller parts to get the dosing you need.

Let’s start off by looking into what you will need to start the process:


1 pound of dried cannabis material (it is preferable to use an indica strain)

2 gallons of solvent – 99% isopropyl alcohol (alternatives such as butane, ethanol, or other solvents can also be used)

5-gallon bucket

A bowl

Wooden spoon 


Rice cooker

Plastic catheter tip syringe (60ml)

Once you have gathered the necessary ingredients and equipment, you are ready to start!

1. Use the dry cannabis material and insert it into the 5-gallon bucket and gently add the solvent, making sure that it fully covers the material.

2. Using your wooden spoon crush and mix the material while including the solvent. Continue the process for two or three minutes, which is the necessary time for the THC to dissolve into the mixture. The process will dissolve around 80% of the THC.

3. It is time to take the cheesecloth and drain the solvent from the full plant material into the bowl. Leave the plant material back in the bucket and continue adding solvent. Repeat the process of stirring for three more minutes.

4. Repeat the activity with the cheesecloth and drain the solvent from the plant material into the bowl. You can now get rid of the remaining plant material as you will no longer need it.

5. The solvent can now be placed in the rice cooker. Keep transferring until the rice cooker is ¾ full. Turn on the rice cooker.

6. Make sure that the rice cooker keeps a temperature between 210 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 to 110 degrees Celsius. This temperature is essential for the process of decarboxylation to take place.

7. The solvent will begin evaporating once the rice cooker is hot enough. Add more mixture to the rice cooker as evaporation takes place. For the safety of the process ensure that the rice cooker is positioned in a strategic area, where there is ventilation and no risk of flames, sparks, or contact with cigarettes or stovetops is possible. Isopropyl alcohol is extremely combustible and may cause threats if you have not carefully planned out the full process.

Note: Make sure you periodically check to solvent and carefully follow its evaporation speed. It is also advisable to add a few drops of water as the solvent disappears to prevent the oil from heating too much. The advice is to use 10 drops of water for every 1 pound or 16 oz added.

8. When the solvent is evaporated and gone, for quick and easy dosing you can siphon the oil into your syringe. The produced Rick Simpson oil will have a thick texture and you may find it difficult to dispense it. Try pouring hot water over it and it should easily dispense.

Note: The oil should develop a dark color and greasy texture. Once the solvent completely evaporates, the only liquid left in the cooker will be the oil.

How to consume RSO

Rick Simpson oil opens up a range of alternatives in terms of consumption. Unlike standard medication, where you are obliged to intake pills which certainly don’t taste well, Rick Simpson oil gives you a richer choice, depending on your personal preferences and needs. It is worth mentioning that while some consumption methods will have less effect on the body, others will instantly provide results. Therefore, the consumption method should also be synchronized with the health condition and its intensity in the body.

Direct oil consumption

One of the main ways to get some RSO into your body is to directly consume it. Ingesting 5-9 drops of the oil every day will ensure the medical effects of the substance is active in your body. Take a grain of rice and try to measure a drop size which is half that of the grain. Start small and gradually increase the dose as you get more comfortable with the oil. Your body may need a few days to adapt to the new substance, especially if you have never before used cannabis.

RSO consumers have shared that taking the suggested dose every day can heal pain, depression, anxiety, or other chronic conditions, which are otherwise difficult to treat, such as cancer and diabetes.

The good news is that you don’t have to expect or worry about getting high from Rick Simpson oil through this consumption method. It may be made from cannabis and may include a high concentration of THC but it is not strong enough to create mind-altering experiences.

Tip: To make sure the oil is absorbed quicker place the drops under your tongue before swallowing.

Use Rick Simpson oil with skin products

The RSO can be successfully mixed with your daily skin care creams or lotions. It is enough to add between one or two drops of the oil into the product and rub on your skin gently. Doing this once a day will ensure a positive effect and a significant result. If you are out of skin cream or are wondering what lotion to buy next, you can even experiment with a homemade product by using coconut oil. It is highly moisturizing and has a nice aroma.

Ingesting Rick Simpson oil and using it with skin cream is believed to have the same effects and benefits for the body. It is all up to you to decide which method you prefer and find easier and more appealing.

Mix RSO with your favorite meal

If you are not especially fond of the taste of Rick Simpson oil, worry not. You can easily add a few drops of the oil into your favorite meal or food that you regularly eat to get the cannabis into your body. 1-3 drops or RSO are enough to do the magic. The benefits are the same as consuming it alone but the method has added value as you will also enjoy the taste of your favored foods.

Tip: Try adding a few drops of RSO into your morning fruit smoothie.

The oil can also be put in a capsule for direct pill intake if that is a method you prefer.

Rick Simpson oil on a bandage

This is certainly an alternative and cool method of treating a wound! Apply the Rick Simpson oil directly to the wound by placing it on a bandage and sealing the wound with it. The medical properties of the cannabis will immediately have an effect on the harmed area and will speed up the process of recovery.

Make sure to regularly check the bandage and change the oil every 3-4 days to ensure that it actively works on the wound, especially if the damage is more serious.

Regardless of the consumption method, you have chosen, it is advisable to discuss your cannabis treatment with a medical expert who can guide you through the process and suggest professional advice and feedback depending on your personal health condition.






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