The cannabis plant has been used for centuries due to its versatility and overall safety in terms of health. The medicinal value of cannabis has been used in various areas of the world for hundreds of years. Cannabis took the place of modern-day medicines, often times with far less in terms of side effects. Treating anxiety is the perfect example as CBD does this quite well and does not have addictive qualities. Medications like that of Xanax or antidepressants prescribed to treat anxiety can be habit-forming and change the consumer’s overall brain chemistry.

THC is just another chemical created naturally in some types of cannabis. The bad wrap that THC has gotten is that it gets a person high while CBD has no psychoactive properties. CBD is federally legal in the US while cannabis containing a certain level of THC is illegal. The truth is that CBD works better with certain levels of THC, giving the consumer the benefits from both chemical compounds. Plenty of consumers that have used CBD have not used THC before or haven’t used it in a long time. Below are the easiest ways to supplement THC into your CBD supplementation periodically. 

CBD and THC Flower in a Joint 

A common way to combine THC with CBD is to put flower containing both into a joint. There are hybrid strains that deliver high levels of CBD and THC simultaneously. Finding quality hemp can be easy, as industrial hemp containing CBD is widely available. For those in states where marijuana is illegal, there are no legal ways to obtain THC. Joints differ in how healthy they are to smoke, with some containing tobacco while others are made from less harmful materials. Glass joints have also become far more popular with the advanced in smoking technology. 

Adding CBD Isolate to a THC Dab 

For those that have never consumed THC before, a dab IS NOT the way to start. A dab can amount to the same amount of THC there is in an entire joint depending on the potency of the concentrate being used. CBD isolate that comes in crystal form can have a THC dab dipped into it easily. The CBD can help reduce the anxiety a smoker might have when consuming a Sativa strain or when consuming a little too much. 

Cold start dabs can reduce the harshness of the dab due to having a far lower temperature. For those using torches, controlling the temperature of the banger and taking the dab at the right temp on the nail can be difficult for even seasoned dabbers. Putting CBD distillate that can be used in a vape cartridge along with the THC concentrate in the banger is the start. Heating it up until it bubbles helps a person take a far cooler dab. Beware of these types of dabs, as the harshness of the smoke is the way many people identify when to stop taking a hit. Electric nails can make it far easier to control the temperature so you can take the same temp dabs time after time. 

Finding Edibles that Contain Both Compounds

The most popular option for people using CBD is that of consuming it in an edible. These can be gummies or even brownies that have CBD baked into them. THC has a wide variety of edibles as well. Companies do have options that incorporate both compounds as this is a popular option. CBD gummies do differ in quality as the industry is not as regulated as it will be in the coming years. Edibles should be used with caution when there is THC in them as it creates a high in a far different way from smoking. Wait at least two hours or more before redosing as everyone has a different THC processing time. 

Vaping Distillate Containing CBD and THC 

The vaping industry has seen bad press in the last year due to false claims made by tobacco companies offering vape products. Other vaping devices can include a volcano in which a bag is filled up with vaporized flower. Filling this with both CBD and THC can provide a relaxing experience for the consumer. Be careful when pulling from a volcano bag as it will not be harsh so you might not feel the amount of smoke you are taking in. Find a reliable vape along with cartridges that offer both THC and CBD so you can medicate covertly when you desire. Make sure to purchase cartridges from reliable companies. There are far too many imposter vaping cartridges that are hitting the market daily. 

Consuming THC and CBD Oils 

Oils can be taken orally for both THC and CBD, but keep dosages in mind. Droppers can be very difficult to measure an appropriate dose. Take the time to find lab-tested products for this, as underestimation by a company of THC can leave you uncomfortably high. Some consumers might put different amounts of oil into capsules. This will result in different dosages when they want different experiences. 

Homemade/MacGyver Smoking Pipes

The MacGyver or made on the fly pipes are what many people smoked from for the first time in the past. The one tip that can be given is not to do this out of plastic bottles, as burning the plastic can release harmful toxins that you will inhale. Apples have been a favorite due to their inconspicuous nature and ability to make an easy pipe. Gravity bongs can be created but this is usually reserved for the younger crowd trying to consume large amounts of THC at once. With all of the easily concealable options, the homemade pipe has lost quite a few smokers over the last decade. 

An important aspect to note is that you should not operate any vehicle when under the influence of THC. Clear out your day or consume at night when you will be home. THC impacts everyone differently depending on factors like cannabinoid receptors in the body and tolerance of the consumer. See how adding THC to your CBD routine can help the effects reach their full potential for you to reap the benefits!


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