The marijuana industry is booming and gaining more and more popularity, especially due to its active presence in the medical industry. Countries such as Canada, Spain, Italy, and a number of US states have already opened up towards the precious herb and have legalized cannabis for medical use. Recreational marijuana is also receiving a more liberal approach and is slowly being legalized in an increasing number of countries around the world.

Cannabis research has revealed a number of valuable characteristics of the herb which can be of significant importance to the medical industry. The plant has proven to have capabilities of helping in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, obesity, nausea, sleep disorders, and more. If you’ve done some research on medical marijuana or have had a consultation with an expert regarding a potential treatment, chances are that you have been introduced to Rick Simpson Oil, another form of cannabis available on the market. But what is hidden behind the name of the oil and what exactly are its uses?

In this article, we’ll share with you everything you need to know about Rick Simpson oil, including the way the oil received its name, its benefits, and uses for the human body.

Who is Rick Simpson?

One of the first questions that may come to mind once reading the name of the oil is who is Rick Simpson and why do we have a marijuana oil named after him today? The story of Rick Simpson’s life is intriguing and has almost accidentally led to the creation of the name Rick Simpson oil.

Rick Simpson was a marijuana activist who worked as an engineer in a boiler room in a Canadian hospital in 1997, where he was tasked with covering the asbestos on the pipes with potent aerosol glue. Due to the poor ventilation in the boiler room, Rick Simpson suffered a collapse as a result of the toxic fumes which temporarily damaged his nervous system, leading to an instant shock. Falling unconscious off a ladder and hitting his head, Rick failed to recover and continued feeling dizziness and an unpleasant ringing in his year for years after the incident.

After the accident, Rick Simpson accidentally watched a documentary on cannabis and its range of therapeutic effects for the body. Inspired by the information he had heard, he contacted his doctor to ask for cannabis-related treatment for his condition. However, his doctor did not agree that cannabis treatment was an alternative for him. Rick refused to listen to his doctor and on his own responsibility acquired cannabis and began his treatment. The results Rick saw were certainly positive.

However, years later, he noticed the appearance of three bumps on his arm, which were later confirmed to be tumor formations and he was diagnosed with skin cancer. As cannabis had helped him so much in the mast, Rick Simpson again began his research on the plant to establish whether there were any positive signs of the plant treating cancer. His findings based on research uncovered that THC (the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis) was related to killing cancer cells in mice.

He decided to try curing his condition by applying concentrated cannabis oil to a bandage and positioning it on the bumps and leaving it to work its wonders for a few days. After four days, the cancer bumps were no longer to be seen.

Rick Simpson had a difficult time proving to his doctors that the treatment was thanks to the cannabis oil but the experience turned him into a true cannabis enthusiast who fondly believed in the potential of the plant. Rick Simpson started producing his own cannabis and later created his unique cannabis concentrate, which today is known as the Rick Simpson oil, or RSO.

Rick Simpson Oil Explained

What separates Rick Simpson oil from other varieties of cannabis oil is its high concentration of THC RSO is a potent full extract cannabis oil, meaning that nothing is added or separated from the original chemical composition of the plant. In addition, patients who consume Rick Simpson oil are exposed to the full spectrum benefits of the product. Furthermore, RSO oil is completely decarboxylated, meaning that the THC-A is activated or turned into a psychoactive substance, leading to the “high” effect of consuming marijuana. Although this may not be advisable in some cases where patients suffer from mental conditions, in other cases the high can be a pleasant and mind-altering experience.

RSO usually comes in a dark brown color and a distinct taste of cannabis itself. The main difference between CBD oil and RSO oil is in the concentration of THC. Most other forms of cannabis oil have little to no concentration of THC while RSO oil is extremely high in THC. Although THC has a range of medical benefits for the body, it is commonly considered as dangerous due to its psychoactive properties. As a result, the substance is tightly regulated and even in countries where cannabis has been legalized for medical uses, its consistency in products has been limited.

For instance, in the USA, cannabis products cannot contain more than 0.3% THC. From this perspective, Rick Simpson oil can cause controversial opinions regarding its legality. Rick Simpson himself does not sell the oil himself. Rather, he encourages enthusiasts or people suffering from certain conditions to produce their own oil by providing special instructions for the process.

RSO Oil Benefits

The main concept behind the creation of the oil was the treatment of cancer, as a result of the experience, Rick Simpson had with the condition. Rick Simpson oil is produced from a cannabis indica strain, which has substantial sedative and therapeutic effects on the body.

Apart from its positive effects on treating cancer, RSO oil is closely associated with treating conditions such as arthritis, asthma, diverse infections, inflammation, multiple sclerosis, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and high blood pressure. The effects of CBD and THC on cancer have been studied long before Rick Simpson created the RSO oil. In addition, the two cannabinoids had also been related to boosting the success of radiation treatment as they can help the cells receive radiation therapy better.

Research also demonstrates that CBD and THC can slow down the growth of cancer cells and their spread throughout the body. The cannabinoids are even capable of stopping cancer cells completely.

In basic terms, the Rick Simpson oil is said to have the same effects as the cannabinoid THC due to the high concentration of the substance in the product.

Potential Negative Effects and Risks of RSO Oil

On the other hand, other research shows that CBD and THC may actually be harmful to the body and may even help boost their grown, especially in the lungs and the brain. The effects of the compounds on the condition are noticed in the long-run and may not have any immediate symptoms, suggesting that the substance may be harmful.

There are, however, a few potential side effects registered from the consumption of THC in higher doses that are worth exploring. Symptoms such as paranoia, red eyes, drop in blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders, or damaged body function. Furthermore, research from 2007 suggested that patients treated with THC for paroxysmal pain, anxiety, allodynia, and other forms of pain did not report any significant improvement, which creates controversy with other research suggesting that THC is successful in treating pain.

One of the most concerning points to RSO oil is the making process. As mentioned earlier, cannabis enthusiasts are encouraged to create their own Rick Simpson oil, which includes toxic materials such as naphtha, petroleum, or isopropyl alcohol. The process demands special caution and one must be well prepared before starting to experiment with the oil.

Last but not least, the legality of RSO oil is questionable, especially in the USA. Although there may be regulated products on the market including cannabis substances, to produce RSO oil a certain type of cannabis is required, which may not be legally sold in your area.

The story of Rick Simpson oil is certainly interesting and worth exploring, especially if you are fond of the plant and are intrigued by its vast possibilities and benefits. However, RSO oil should be approached with caution and extensive research before trying the product, especially if you will be creating it homemade.

Thanks to the growing popularity of cannabis the market is slowly evolving and offering more and more products to choose from. ROS oil is one of the products which have proven to treat Rick Simpson’s and a number of patients’ health problems. However, it is advisable to speak to a professional before trying RSO oil as a treatment in order to understand fully its effects and risks.


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