The rise of CBD as a natural cure that people around the world are beginning to appreciate has given rise to a number of discussions and controversies regarding the matter. Products like CBD oil or CBD isolates are prevailing the markets of countries, which have officially legalized CBD and have announced its powerful effects on the mind and body. Scientific research has a lot to say about the way CBD can influence conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, dementia, inflammation, chronic pain, or even cancer.

It is only natural that as the positive effects of a resource grow, so will its production and innovation. CBD is certainly nothing new as it is found in the marijuana and hemp plants and has been widely used for centuries; however, as the cannabis plants were illegal or at least frowned upon n countries where legalization was passed, the power of CBD had vanished for years. With the more liberal attitude towards the plant now and its legalization in countries such as Canada, Spain, Italy, Chile, and a number of U.S. states, CBD can rise from the ashes and prove its worth.

Most of you have probably come across CBD isolates. Here we offer a complete how-to guide on the topic and will closely look at what a CBD isolate is, how it is made, and explain how the product is best used.

What is CBD isolate?

For starters, it’s necessary to make a clear distinction between the CBD isolate and all other types of CBD products. CBD isolate is the most powerful and concentrated CBD product available to consumers, as it is 99% pure unadulterated cannabidiol. We have already looked at the nature of the cannabidiol, but for the new readers let’s say that this is the active ingredient found in the hemp plant, which has the ability to communicate with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body for the stimulation of better health.

CBD isolate takes the form of a white crystal. Although some may assume that CBD isolates are laboratory-made, the fact is that this product is 100% pure as it is directly extracted from industrial hemp. THC, the other main compound found in marijuana and hemp, cannot be found in CBD isolates. THC is the ingredient, which causes a high effect on marijuana consumers as it is a psychoactive substance. With that said, CBD isolates will not result in a mind-altering effect, their benefits are purely health-related.

The creation of CBD isolates

The process of creation behind the CBD isolates is truly exciting. In order to gather CBD from hemp, the compound must be extracted. There is a vast range of CBD extraction methods and the number is growing with the evolution of the CBD market. However, where the truly inspirational part comes is after the CBD extraction. CBD isolates require a further extraction process, more complex than that of only extracting CBD.

The reason behind the required additional extraction is that after completing standard CBD extraction methods, a number of compounds, which exist in the hemp plant, remain in the extracted oil. In order to purify the product and ensure that it is absolutely clean, all unnecessary materials must be taken out. To achieve this task, the extracted full spectrum oil, which we have received after the first extraction, is put through a second purification process where all unnecessary ingredients are removed from the oil. The process is referred to as “winterization”, meaning that there is alcohol used for soaking and freezing the CBD extract.

Now that all extra products have been removed from the oil, a few evaporation processes take place to secure the final product. Finally, what remains as an extract is decarboxylated and turned into a crystalline. The powder form of the CBD isolate is possible thanks to propriety processing techniques.


Why consume CBD isolate?

The main reason behind the process of extraction and concentration of the CBD compound within the CBD isolate product is its separation from THC. As mentioned, THC is the psychoactive substance found within the marijuana plant, which is responsible for creating the mind-altering effects that stoners are fond of. However, the CBD isolate contains no THC whatsoever and is therefore 100% safe for medical purposes.

The CBD isolate is suitable for a wider range of people, regardless of age or health condition because of the pure form of CBD found within the product. There is no need for patients to be concerned regarding the possible high effect, which sometimes may trigger negative responses, depending on the health condition of the individual.

How to consume CBD isolate

There is a range of ways that consumers can choose when it comes to consuming CBD isolates. It’s worth mentioning that each method will have its pros and cons and it may be useful to research things like the time it takes for the CBD to be absorbed by the body.

Place the CBD Isolate under your tongue.

The first method that we will suggest is probably one of the easiest and most simple ways of consuming CBD isolates. Similar to consuming a CBD tincture, all this method requires for you to do is to place the CBD isolate under your tongue and wait for it to dissolve. The process takes no more than 90 seconds, after which the CBD substance is headed directly to your bloodstream. The good news is that you won’t have to close your eyes to taste and make any compromises as the CBD isolate is completely tasteless and odorless. What a great way to enjoy this powerful compound, right?

Use CBD isolates as something extra for your coffee.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning? CBD isolates can be added to coffee or tea for a healthy and fresh start to the day, but it can also be added to any other organic or homemade juices, smoothies, and more. Use a lender to add some spice to your already healthy serving of fruit, vegetables, milk, and nuts. The CBD isolate has the flexibility of mixing in with liquids so you may even forget that it’s there. However, the body will certainly feel the vast number of benefits that the CBD compound has to offer. What’s important to consider with the method is the dosage of CBD isolate that you want in your system.

Experiment with CBD sweeteners.

If you are passionate about baking and are always on the lookout for something new and exciting to try, adding CBD isolate to your sweets will certainly intrigue you. The product can be an active ingredient in the process of creating your own, handmade sweetener that can be used in a range of culinary masterpieces. For instance, you can blend CBD isolate with organic honey or mix it to become stevia. It can also be used in syrups that can then be the perfect finish to a waffle breakfast.

Mix CBD isolates within your regular meals.

The nature of the CBD isolate and its tasteless and odorless characteristics make it a suitable addition to pretty much any meal you can imagine. Simply add the product to your favorite soups, dressings, sauces, or stir-fries to reap the benefits of the CBD compound. There is literally no barrier to the use of CBD isolate and consuming it with your food is truly an experience.

Vaping CBD isolates

CBD isolate can be mixed with another liquid or extract that you may already be vaporizing on but it can also be vaporized solo. If this is the chosen method for you, some preparation will be required. The CBD isolates need to be inserted into a vaporizer and vaporized at a temperature of 356-392°F. In a similar way to vaping wax, the CBD isolate can enter the body and quickly be dissolved.

CBD isolates used for topicals.

Making your own CBD topical is certainly an interesting activity to try. CBD has a powerful anti-inflammatory ability, which may be exploited through products such as lotions, cream, or salve made with the compound. CBD topical products serve as a quick relief to localized pain or discomfort and can be helpful in removing back pain or inflammation. Of course, you can use your creativity to play around with the aromas of the lotions to make the product even more enjoyable. There is a range of tutorials online, which can help you create the ultimate CBD topical at home.

CBD isolates are powerful products of the CBD compound that can be used in a wide range of products, which all have the ultimate aim of soothing and improving the body’s health condition. The benefits of CBD are endless, from chronic pain to cancer, and it is only natural that the population is turning an eye towards this natural remedy as an alternative to standard medicine. When purchasing CBD isolate, make sure you have checked the legitimacy of the product and its producer.

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