What is CBD?

If you have done some cannabis-related research or you are a marijuana enthusiast, chances are that you have probably already come across CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive substance found within the cannabis plant, both in marijuana and hemp. CBD is a valuable natural remedy to a range of diseases, health conditions, or discomforts and the medical industry is slowly starting to turn an eye towards this compound as a solution to different health problems. CBD communicates with our endocannabinoid system and has the power to act as pain relief. It can also be used as a treatment for serious conditions such as cancer, dementia, obesity, inflammation, sleep disorders, and more.

The legality of CBD differs from country to country the but the majority of U.S. states have legalized the compound and have made CBD-related products available. The most commonly prescribed and sold CBD product is CBD oil. However, the compound comes in a range of alternatives and can be consumed by vaping, using CBD edibles, tinctures, CBD creams, lotions, and soaps, or through CBD patches. Although CBD patches may not be as popular as other types of CBD products, we will outline their main benefits and uses as they may be the best product for certain occasions.

What are CBD patches?

CBD patches are an alternative method of getting some CBD into your system without necessarily turning the compound into an edible, a lotion, a tincture, or vaporizing it. If you are a nicotine smoker who has tried to quit at least once, chances are that you have stumbled upon nicotine patches as advisable products to use for help. In the case of nicotine addiction, the patches are meant to help with the destruction of the habit of smoking while decreasing the nicotine levels that the body receives one step at a time.

In a similar way, CBD patches resemble a Band-aid. Imagine a piece of plastic filled with CBD and you have the reality behind the CBD patch. The way that CBD enters the bloodstream via a CBD patch is through transdermal delivery. The body heat of the consumer serves as a trigger for the patch to start releasing CBD into the skin and therefore send it directly to the bloodstream. The high level of concentrated CBD within the patch is motivation enough for it to want to spread to its surroundings, making its way to your body.

The Benefits of CBD patches

The main benefits of using CBD patches are related to the anti-inflammatory and pain relief capabilities of cannabinoids. The patches are great for soothing back pain, chronic pain, but can also be of significant help when coping with anxiety or stress. The good news is that with the CBD patch, a constant flow of CBD enters your system, giving maximum results over a longer period of time.

Enthusiasts of CBD patches may prefer them over other methods of CBD consumption of a variety of reasons. First, they are easy to use and unnoticeable, meaning that you can comfortably sit at your chair in the office with a CBD patch and no one has to know. Unlike taking pills or vaping, there is no explanation needed when it comes to CBD patches. Second, you know for sure that as long as the patch is on your body, you are actively taking in CBD into your body, without the need to remember that it’s time for your pills or CBD drops.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that not all CBD patches are created equal and there is a suitable choice for everyone. Depending on the condition that you are trying to cure, your personal CBD patch can be a tailored mix of a range of cannabinoids that your body is in need of. This is impossible via smoking marijuana, for instance, where there are also compounds such as THC (the psychoactive substance of cannabis) and other resources, which cause different mind-altering experiences. This characteristic of the CBD patches also makes them entirely safe to use from a medical perspective as consumers will not get the high effect typical for smoking cannabis.

The health benefits of CBD patches are merely limitless. The patches can be used for bad back, neuropathy, or chronic pain. As we mentioned, smoking your favoring marijuana strain may not be a useful solution to the listed problems as the THC ingredient found within cannabis can actually increase your sensitivity and make the pain worse.

Risks of using CBD patches

There are no serious risks or threats to your body from using CBD patches but there have been a few commonly seen side effects from consumers worth sharing. Although they are not a cause of concern, it may be useful to be prepared before using a CBD patch in order to react with comfort to the situation.
Consumers of CBD patches have shared a common trend of getting a dry mouth. This condition is typical for any kind of CBD consumption method and can easily be eliminated by staying hydrated at all times.
Another factor to consider is the intake of other forms of medication. While CBD is safe to use alone, it may be controversial to use with other medications due to the possibility of CBD canceling out the effects of other medication. It is advisable to speak to a medical professional about any other pills you may be consuming before choosing a CBD patch as treatment.

Matrix patches vs. reservoir patches

When considering CBD patches as an alternative to mainstream medication, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the different types of patches. We already mentioned that patches can contain different cannabinoids but they can also differ in types.
The two most commonly seen types of CBD patches on the market are divided into matrix and reservoir types. The distinction between the two may not be possible at a first glace but if you dig deeper, you will certainly uncover that the two vary in nature. Looking into the matrix patch, it turns out that the patch itself is bathed with CBD, most commonly in the glue or bonding material. When it touches the consumer’s skin, the CBD starts changing its location, from the place of highest concentration to that with the lowest. In this case, the CBD amount that you get into your system will depend on the CBD level found within the matrix of the patch and its size. The more skin it covers, the higher the amount of CBD that will be transmitted into your body.
With the reservoir patch, the picture is a bit different. Just as the name suggests, the CBD is stored within the reservoir of the patch itself, where the compound is usually mixed with a gel. The substance then makes its way outside the rate-controlling membrane of the patch, positioned between the reservoir, the adhesive, and your skin. The main benefit of the reservoir patch is that the transfer of CBD is easier to control and there is no risk of getting too much too quickly.

Should you use CBD patches?

For the CBD beginners who don’t really have much experience with the compound, we would certainly advice scheduling a consultation with a medical expert to have a discussion regarding cannabinoids. It is always better to gather as much information as possible before trying something new, especially when it is related to your health.
However, it is worth noting that there are no serious side effects reported from CBD patches, meaning that they are safe to use. There are no psychedelic results that you can suffer from, as in the case of smoking marijuana. Furthermore, the patch is easily applied and removed, meaning that if you feel that the effects from the compound are not satisfying or pleasing, simply remove the patch and search for another alternative to reach the desired result.
It is also necessary to establish which CBD patch type is better for you, how to get started, and the amount of time it should stay on your skin. Budtenders will also be able to provide information regarding these matters.
Finally, check the legality of the product that you have set your eyes on and make sure that you are purchasing from a legitimate and trustworthy seller. If you need advice, read our guide on how to buy CBD online.Search for any customer reviews or feedback that can guarantee the quality of the CBD patch before making final decisions. If you find that a CBD patch is not the right choice for you, worry not, there are a ton of CBD products available today, including CBD edibles, isolates, tinctures, oils, creams, and more.

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