CBD and its powerful effects on the mind and body have been carefully examined and studied, only to reveal that the compound found within marijuana and hemp indeed is a valuable remedy found in nature. As such, an increasing interest has been noticed when it comes to CBD-related products and their consumption. Although the substance has been used for centuries by tribes and different cultures for the treatment to a number of health conditions, uncertainties regarding the use of marijuana and hemp had made the compound a controversial topic.

Thankfully, with the increased education regarding the topic, the world is slowly changing its mentality towards marijuana and hemp in general, but more specifically, the use of CBD. It is only natural that with the legalization of CBD-related products, the market will take different shapes. An increase in demand is pushing for more innovation from producers, giving birth to new and sometimes difficult to imagine CBD-related products.

In this article, we will share a few unusual CBD products that you may or may not have heard of.

What is CBD – a quick recap
We have already looked inside the nature of CBD but for the new readers, we decided to provide a quick recap. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound found in marijuana and hemp plants. The compound is actively used for medical purposes in tackling health conditions such as cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, chronic pain, inflammation, and a range of other conditions. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is not psychoactive and will, therefore, cause no alteration of the senses of perceptions of the mind. In other words, consumers will not get “high” from CBD alone.
The therapeutic benefits of CBD are far more and we have closely analyzed the in previous articles. Because of the value of CBD, producers of CBD oil go through specific extraction methods, with the purpose of separating CBD from THC or other extra material from the plant, which may influence the end quality of the product. CBD is best consumed in high concentration levels, depending on the health condition that is to be treated or the ultimate goal of the consumer.
CBD can be found in a range of products and its consumption methods are almost infinite. For starters, let’s look at the most common ways of consuming CBD and move on to the weirder and rather unusual CBD products that can be found today.

Popular CBD products

CBD-related products are popular in a range of countries around the world and the majority of U.S. states. Most commonly, we see CBD being sold as CBD oil, CBD tinctures, topicals, or CBD soft gels. CBD soft gels, for instance, are directly swallowed and can quickly reach the stomach acids, where the material is digested.

CBD can be sold as a lotion, cream, soap, or gel. These products may all contain CBD but their effect on the body may differ, mainly due to the necessary time to be absorbed by the body. The more concentrated the CBD within the product, the stronger the effect will be. It is also essential to do a bit of research regarding the suggested dosage before consuming CBD-related products.
It is advisable to schedule a consultation with a medical expert to cover the basics such as dosage, time intervals of intake, and suggested product. Also, when purchasing CBD-related products, double-check the legitimacy of the producer and the products itself. If possible, ask for reports from laboratory tests to ensure that the product is pure, clean, and of high quality. The CBD market is becoming increasingly saturated and it is possible that you may come across unauthorized sellers with mystic backgrounds. Consuming CBD products of low quality may cause negative reactions in your body or may have no reaction at all, meaning that your health condition will not improve. It’s important to only take quality products to ensure you receive its many health benefits of CBD Oil.

Unusual CBD products

Unusual CBD products are made possible thanks to the ability of our body’s cannabinoid receptors to be active in a range of different systems. Their location is around all the essential organs of the body and therefore products, which have access to these areas can be enriched with CBD for ultimate effect.
The endocannabinoid system can influence our skincare, perception of pain, hunger, inflammatory reactions, the production of immune cells, the distribution of fat in the body, digestion, and production of hormones. It is also responsible for the proper absorption of nutrients, the energy intake of the body, and even things like emotions, our mood, and our sleeping cycle. In other words, it is essential that our endocannabinoid system is treated right and is maintained in good condition. Its massive effect on the body stimulates CBD producers to play around with different products, which may have access to the system.
It is essential to understand that the not so commonly seen CBD products that we are about to reveal have been created as a natural evolution of the popular CBD products such as CBD oil, tinctures, topicals, and soft gels.
Here they come!

CBD Sweetener

CBD sweeteners are another cool product made available thanks to the evolution of the compound as a valuable and healthy substance. If you are looking for alternative ways to consumer CBD, CBD sugar is one of the most fun ways to do so. CBD sugar is also ideal for consumption as it will be quickly absorbed by the body. You can sweeten your coffee, tea, or fruit smoothie with CBD sugar and enjoy the benefits of the compound on your body.
There is a range of products to choose from such as chocolate discs, granulated sugar, or sugar syrup, all made with CBD.
CBD-enriched Toothpaste
That’s right! You can now purchase CBD toothpaste as another way of getting CBD into your system. The creation of toothpaste has had its innovation in recent years, with more and more people trying homemade methods of creating toothpaste or enriching purchased products with something extra, such as peppermint, tea tree extracts, or spearmint.
The essential oils used in toothpaste are usually aromatic chemicals, which are naturally derived from plants. CBD communicate with these chemicals, also referred to as terpenes. In a similar way to other essential oils, CBD has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics, making it a great addition to toothpaste. Using CBD-enriched toothpaste will guarantee a fresh and healthy smile, no problems with mouth inflammation, and high-level hygiene.

CBD Oil for Your Salad

You’ve probably heard of CBD oil, but what about CBD extra virgin olive oil? It may come as a surprise to some, but a company specialized in the production and sales of extra virgin olive oil has done this, bringing something new on the table for CBD consumers.

With the diverse use of CBD oil, it is only natural that we use it with the product that is on the list of most commonly used in the house – olive oil. You can use it as salad seasoning or cooking. However, if you choose to use CBD olive oil for cooking, make sure that the meal does not require a high temperature of cooking. Cannabinoids will be destroyed at temperatures higher than 355° F and there is a chance that their valuable benefits will not be felt if heated more than advisable. In addition, there is a risk of the oil becoming carcinogenic above a certain temperature.

CBD Bitters for Your Beverage

Have you wondered how you can add some spice to your Whiskey, Tequila, Gin, or Bourbon? Well, now you can add some CBD in your alcoholic beverage thanks to the creation of CBD bitters to go along with certain drinks. There are CBD bitters available for tea and bubble water too if you are not too fond of alcohol. The cool part comes in with the availability of different options to choose from. CBD bitters come in tastes of orange, lavender, cherry bourbon, aromatic, and natural, bringing in something new for everybody.

Pampering your pet with CBD products.

It turns out that humans are not the only ones who can benefit from CBD-related products. You can pamper your pet with CBD dog treat or CBD tinctures. Our pets have similar systems to our own and they, in fact, too carry an endocannabinoid system that needs nurturing and special care. You can take care of your little friend’s nutrition by feeding them CBD dog treats or soaking their standard meals with CBD pet tinctures.

The world of CBD is highly intriguing and rich. The compound found within cannabis plants is a true gem and its benefits are slowly being uncovered to the majority of the world’s population. The range of CBD products available today make the precious compound a possibility for everyone, regardless of age, culture, or preference. You might find it useful to try several CBD products before deciding which one fits best with your lifestyle, needs, and preferences.

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