You’ve probably heard all about CBD oil by now – but did you know that there is more than one type of oil you can go for? If you want to make the most out of your CBD experience, it’s really worth knowing which one is the best for you. This post will discuss golden CBD oil, and why it is the perfect CBD solution for so many of us.

What is golden CBD oil?

There are two common colours, or types, of CBD oil: golden oil and black oil. While black CBD oils are often infused with another oil – normally vegetable – after extraction, golden CBD oils are filtered and further processed to offer the highest consistency of CBD that offers up numerous benefits to the consumer.

What are the advantages of golden CBD oil?

  •         Contains a higher CBD content

If you’re a believer of getting your money’s worth, you’ll enjoy the fact that golden CBD has a high concentration of CBD per mg of oil, meaning there is more of the good stuff and less “waste” or “filler” product. This doesn’t mean you should take a higher dose of CBD with golden CBD oil – in fact, lower doses are generally more effective – but the product should be longer-lasting because you are achieving the same effect with a smaller amount of oil.

  •         Provides more health benefits

There’s no getting past the fact that golden CBD oil is far better for you than its similar alternatives. Because golden oils are far higher in purity, containing only CBD, they are much more effective at producing the desirable health and wellness benefits many of us are after from CBD. Golden oils are also filtered, which brings the medicinal effects of CBD to the surface. A little goes a long way, and a small amount of golden CBD has been seen to produce more valuable health benefits as a much higher quantity of black CBD oil.

  •         More enjoyable taste

One of the least appealing aspects of black CBD is the taste. Unless you’re taking a CBD oil that’s been infused or scented with something else, you can expect it to taste earthy and slightly bitter – not very palatable. Alternatively, because of their high content of a number of different terpenes, golden CBD oils have a far less overwhelming taste, and are a far more subtle addition to your foods, should you plan to cook with the stuff.

  •         No THC content

Both CBD and THC are common compounds that can be found in the cannabis plant, and generally, they offer the same benefits to the consumer. THC, however, is psychoactive, meaning it can give users a high when taken in larger doses. Although it is only found in very small quantities in black CBD, it is completely filtered out in golden CBD, meaning you’re getting more of the desirable compound per mg.

That rounds up our post on golden CBD oil. If you are interested in purchasing CBD oil then please check out our CBD buying guide. If you live in a country where growing CBD clones are legal, then we suggest taking a look into perhaps growing your own CBD by taking a look at this site where you can find CBD clones for sale here.

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