In one of the most contentious political environments in memory, one could be forgiven to assume that no issue would find bipartisan support. Yet cannabis legalization – a massively controversial subject in years past – was the measure that ironically achieved consensus. Thus, in late 2018, Washington came together to pass the groundbreaking 2018 Farm Bill.

Granted, most of the language within the law is granular and speaks largely to the agricultural industry. However, the key language that everyone keyed in on – that industrial hemp and hemp-derived products are now legal under federal law – made a once far-fetched pipe dream into reality.

Today, millions of botanical enthusiasts – and the botanically curious – can shop for hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) products without fear that the feds will come knocking on their door. If you really pause and reflect on this development, it’s a remarkable achievement in the name of personal freedoms and liberties.

Still, with any new industry, both opportunities and pitfalls abound. To help you on your journey to enjoy the myriad benefits of CBD, we’ve compiled a brief guideline on best practices. Though not a comprehensive list, this should help you navigate the sometimes tricky waters posed by the CBD industry.


Know Your State Laws!

Although a seemingly obvious point, this one factor can pose serious problems: before purchasing any CBD product, know your state laws. Even though the Farm Bill has legalized hemp-derived cannabidiol at the federal level, individual states have the right to impose stricter standards.

For now, Nebraska and Idaho remain jurisdictionally questionable – CBD is not allowed, but vigorous debates have occurred in their respective state legislatures. Critically, South Dakota does not allow any CBD. Being a conservative stronghold, doubts remain that it ever will.

And even knowing your state law may not be enough. Different localities may have their own laws or nuances. Just as importantly, you should know the general vibe of your neighborhood as it pertains to enforcement. You probably won’t get pulled over for smoking CBD in a liberal state like California or New York; however, other states may be much more conservative.


Always Buy from Reputable Dealers

This is a must – always purchase your cannabidiol products from reputable dealers like Nug Republic. Ideally, you’re looking for companies that have established themselves in the botanical community and represent known commodities among botanical enthusiasts.

Additionally, you’ll want to see an easy pathway to communicate with the retailer’s customer service team. Like any retail segment, things don’t always work out as planned in the broader supply chain; to rectify these situations, an open line of communication can work wonders.

On a side note, most customers typically prefer multiple forms of communication. Thus, if emails don’t work or get lost in the shuffle, you can always pick up the phone and call.

Finally, check out Yelp and Google reviews, and not just for price comparisons. As a paying customer, you want the entire process from purchase to delivery to go as smoothly as possible. Independent reviews cut down on the guesswork.


Always Buy from Reputable Brands

Despite scouring business reviews for your choice online retailer, you’re still not out of the woods. At the end of the day, you’re the first and last line of defense toward what you put into your body.

As such, it’s vital that you vet the CBD brands that you intend to purchase. This process has greater implications than merely establishing what is the lowest-cost option. Because CBD is unregulated by the Food and Drug Administration, variances in cannabidiol content, along with content from other cannabinoids can be variable.

From a cautionary perspective, the unregulated environment can rear its ugly head with full spectrum CBD products. Often marketed as “THC free,” some less than reputable brands may have surprisingly higher THC content than advertised.

Of course, buying from reputable dealers should rectify this issue. Nevertheless, you want to make sure that you perform your due diligence. In virtually all circumstances, claiming ignorance of what you put into your body is no excuse. Therefore, be vigilant from the get-go.


Check Labels and Independent Audits

Checking labels and independent audits is a natural segue from the concept of purchasing reputable cannabidiol brands. Due to the somewhat ambiguous regulatory environment, the buyer is incentivized – compared to other retail segments – to truly understand the content and claims of their target brand.

In other words, trust but verify. While CBD is a groundbreaking industry that addresses myriad symptoms and conditions, there is a strong free market element surrounding this sector. What we mean is that you cannot always depend on government regulations to guide you.

Thus, the process of due diligence falls on the end-user. You can help yourself considerably by reading the ingredients that comprise the product you are about to take. Remember: if you put something in your body, you’re responsible for it and for whatever happens as a result.

Also, reviewing the independent audits for the effectiveness of the product is essential. In particular, broad spectrum CBD deserves considerable attention. Because broad spectrum includes all cannabinoids, terpenes (essential oils), and cannabis-based organic compounds except for THC, you’ll want to verify that this last point is 100% valid.


Read First Timers’ Reviews

As we mentioned above, you’ll want to scour independent reviews of online CBD retailers. Essentially, you’re letting other people make the mistake for you. Conversely, independent reviews can guide you to that hidden gem of the botanical world.

But within these reviews, first-time users’ experiences and testimonies are worth their weight in gold. We say this because if a retailer has the same level of patience and respect for the botanically curious as they do toward loyal customers and longtime users, you’ve genuinely found that gem!

Also, cannabidiol is often an individual experience. In other words, CBD and cannabinoids/terpenes in general impact different people in distinct ways. And newcomers, due to their lack of experience with the cannabis plant, may feel more potency than normal.

This is valuable feedback, especially if you’re trying out a new product from an online CBD retailer. By reading a comprehensive review – and not just the popular ones – you can get a generally reliable forecast on how it may impact you.



Tim Garcia
Tim Garcia is an experienced writer working in the CBD and Cannabis space to help educate the general public about CBD and THC. Using his professional experience and education in Rhetoric and Writing, he strives to remove the stigma associated with Hemp and Marijuana products and create an environment where the qualities and benefits of these plants can be researched and understood by the global community. He can be contacted for media inquires and article requests at

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