CBD continues to attract attention, both from a producer and consumer point of view. The sophistication of science and scientific research today has proved the numerous qualities and health benefits provided by this valuable cannabinoid. It is only natural that with the rise in demand, CBD producers create innovative and unique ways of consuming the compound.

If you have gone CBD shopping, chances are that you have come across different types of products such as CBD oil, CBD edibles such as juices, cakes, or salads, CBD tinctures, or even CBD soap. CBD can be included in almost any product that is possible to be consumed by humans. However, what is even more interesting is that not all CBD is the same and while one type of CBD can have a strong and lasting effect on some types of conditions, other types of CBD may have a completely different influence. Where does this difference come from?

CBD isolate – What is it?

CBD can either be full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. In this article, we will look into the nature of CBD isolate, see how it is made and explore the ways in which it can be used. CBD isolate is the purest version of the compound and usually comes in a crystal form, with 99% pure CBD. In other words, no extra plant materials such as oils, chlorophyll, waxes, or else, can be found in CBD isolate. You may assume that this is only natural but in fact, the process behind the creation of CBD isolate is complex and lengthy.

CBD isolate is derived through the process of extraction. There are different extraction methods available for the cannabis plant, depending on the end product that the producer is looking for. In the case of CBD isolate, the extraction begins as a standard procedure, which results in CBD mixed with plant material. To purify the CBD further, the substance is filtrated and any additional material is cleaned out of the extract. Next, the CBD oil which is left goes through winterization in order to additionally clean the product of any remaining wax or other material.

At the end of the extraction process, producers have 99% pure CBD. As you can imagine, CBD isolate is among the strongest versions of CBD, which will have an impact on the suggested doses for consumers. While other forms of CBD may require higher intake doses in order to get a result, CBD isolate should be consumed in lower quantities.

Why consume CBD isolate?

There are controversial opinions regarding the use of CBD isolate over whole-plant products. One of the main reasons behind choosing to consumer CBD isolate is that no THC will enter the consumer’s body. THC is the psychoactive substance found in cannabis, which leads to the “high” effect that most marijuana smokers are interested in. However, from a medical perspective, this may not always be beneficial as THC can sometimes expose consumers to paranoia or increased sensitivity. Furthermore, from a legal perspective, higher doses of THC in a product are likely to make it illegal and prevent consumers from safely using it.

For instance, in the USA, products are only considered legal if their THC levels are 0.3% or lower. In that sense, CBD isolate may be a preferred product, especially when it comes to treating children and elderly.

On the other hand, there is research that suggests that CBD, when consumed with other cannabinoids and terpenes, can lead to enhanced benefits in the body due to the “Entourage effect”. In addition, CBD can cancel out the psychoactive effect of THC when the two are consumed in a certain ratio.

Health benefits of CBD isolate

The health benefits of CBD isolate are the same as those of CBD but with a higher effect due to the high concentration of the compound. In other words, CBD isolate can be successfully used for the following:

Reducing nausea and vomiting

Avoiding seizures related to epilepsy or other conditions

Managing psychotic disorders

Treating inflammation thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature

Preventing tumor and cancer cells from growing and spreading

Fighting anxiety and depression

Tackling neurodegenerative disorders

In terms of curing certain diseases, CBD isolate has been closely related to treating:





Parkinson’s disease

Chronic pain

Neuropathic pain



Epilepsy and other epileptic disorders




CBD isolate can be consumed in a range of different ways, including eating, dabbing, smoking, vaping, creating a home-made tincture, rubbing into your skin, and more. The compound allows consumers to be as creative as they desire regarding the consumption method. The good news is that there is also no evidence of overdosing on CBD, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your intake. However, to get the maximum effect from the cannabinoid it is advisable to speak to a professional regarding a suitable dosage and intake method for you.





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