As a result of extensive studies and positive results, CBD is now starting to slowly penetrate the lives of many who have an interest in the natural remedies that our planet has provided for us. The cannabis plant, in general, may remain a controversy and may stimulate hot disputes from a legal perspective, but the world of medicine has started turning a positive eye towards the plant and its potential, proving that there is much to be exploited from it.

The power of CBD

One of the main compounds of the cannabis plant is the well-known CBD or cannabidiol, one of the cannabinoids naturally found within the plant. People of different ages, cultures, and health conditions can benefit from what CBD has to offer in terms of its healing power. The cannabinoid has been studied to be safe to use, with no risks of overdosing, making it a preferable and intriguing substance.

The cannabinoid communicates with the body’s endocannabinoid system, or the CB1 and CB2 receptors specifically, to trigger certain responses, which overall result in positive effects such as stimulation of certain hormone release. CBD is also valuable in its ability to protect the brain as a neuroprotector. We will look into the health benefits of the cannabinoid in more detail later on, so keep reading.

However, CBD can remain a bit of a mystery, especially to beginners with little to no experience. If you search for CBD products online or go to your local dispensary for some CBD oil, the chances are that you will be exposed to a rich pool of alternatives to choose from. So which one is the right one for you?

There are different types of CBD

Before choosing the right CBD therapy for you, it is important to understand that not all CBD is the same. Yes, it may all come from the cannabis plant but its concentration, strength and ultimately, the effect on the body can vary depending on the type of product or the way in which it has been extracted from the plant.

CBD can come as full-spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate. In other words, CBD can contain other cannabinoids such as THC, terpenes found in the cannabis plant, which are also valuable for the body in their own unique ways, or it can be pure and clean. The pure form of CBD or CBD isolate is the strongest, meaning that consuming products made from CBD isolate will require special dosing to avoid taking too much. As mentioned, there are no serious side-effects of overdosing on CBD but you may not see the desired results if the quantity is not right.

The method of extraction will establish what the CBD type is. For instance, back in the days, when the technological evolution was young and basic, people would rely on simple extraction methods, which required no special technology. However, today’s mass production of CBD has resulted in the creation of more sophisticated methods of extracting the compound and ways to separate it from other cannabinoids, THC in particular. Most extraction methods use a solvent such as liquid, CO2 or oil and require certain steps to be taken to reach the end result. A level of research and knowledge is essential for the extraction of CBD but with good preparation, the compound can be extracted by anyone, without necessarily investing in million-dollar technology.

The questions you should ask when considering CBD therapy

So if there are so many options and alternatives out there, how can we know which therapy is the right one of our individual needs and requirements?

There are a few questions that are advisable to be asked prior to purchasing a CBD product or even considering CBD-related treatment. For starters, it is a good idea to gain as much information as possible on the origin of the CBD. Was it extracted from marijuana or hemp? Does it contain any THC levels and if so, what are they in relation to the CBD levels? Once you have gained confidence in the origin, it’s time to consider the compound’s effects on the body.

How quickly will the CBD start to have an effect on your body once consumed? Would you be able to feel relief immediately or do hours have to pass? Another question you may want to ask is related to the dosing of the CBD product. If no clear instructions have been provided on the product’s label, ask what the suggested dose is as every CBD product will have its unique dosing instructions. While some may require only a small dose, others can uncover their potential when taken in higher quantities.

How will the CBD be distributed in your system? Are there specific parts of the body that it will go to and affect the most? Furthermore, how long will the effect last? This question is especially important for patients suffering from severe pain and using CBD as pain relief. Knowing the answer to this question will allow you to adequately plan your CBD intake to avoid discomfort.

Different CBD products – different intake

It is only natural that CBD products will carry their own, individual set of characteristics. In order to get the most of the valuable cannabinoid, the best CBD therapy for your health condition should be selected. Let’s look at the unique points of the different methods of CBD consumption.

CBD Inhalation

Inhaling CBD will result in an immediate effect as the compound travels directly through the lungs and reaches the brain before it is metabolized by the liver. CBD smokers tend to go slow and small on the dose of CBD as only a tiny puff is necessary for the effect to kick in. On standard, the prescribed amount of CBD for smoking or vaping will be between 0.3 – 1.0 grams. Via inhaling, CBD is evenly distributed throughout the body, exposing the consumer to a lasting effect of up to 3 hours. Inhalation is an especially suitable CBD consumption method for patients suffering from nausea or severe pain as the result is instant, providing quick relief.

Consumers who prefer CBD inhalation should be aware of the negative influence this method may have on the lungs. Therefore, patients suffering from conditions which impact the lungs are advised to select another CBD consumption method.

CBD Edibles

Consuming CBD with your food is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to get this powerful cannabinoid into your system. After consuming CBD via edibles, the cannabinoid will launch its effect in the body in the next hour or two. If the CBD edible is extremely CBD-rich but THC-low, the suggested dose can start at 5 mg and reach as much as hundreds of milligrams, depending on your condition. CBD edibles again spread the cannabinoid evenly through the body after it is absorbed in the gut and modified by the liver.

If the consumed product contains both CBD and high levels of THC, the psychoactive effects may last for as much as six hours. However, consuming CBD-rich edibles with little to no THC levels will not result in mind-alterations or psychoactive effects. Patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease or chronic conditions can benefit from CBD edibles.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures are another alternative available on the market. The product is usually placed under the tongue, where it is dissolved and capable of reaching the blood vessels. Tinctures can also come in the form of sprays. The effect from CBD tinctures can be felt between 15 and 30 minutes after consumption and the standard suggested dose varies between 2.5 – 5.0 mg as a starting dose. Once absorbed in the mouth’s bloodstream, the compound is spread evenly in the body.

The duration of the cannabinoid’s effect lasts between 6 and 8 hours, after which most of the CBD cannabinoid has been cleaned by the body.

If you have selected CBD sprays as your preferred method, it is worth mentioning that it is a good idea to wait for a moment before swallowing the substance. Once sprayed under the tongue but swallowed, the body interprets the product as an edible and will provide the effects typical for CBD edibles. In other words, a lower dose will be received over a longer period of time, making the whole effect of the CBD weaker.

CBD and other medication

Before choosing a CBD therapy or a CBD product, schedule a professional consultation with an expert or a doctor to share the details of your condition or discuss any other medications that you are currently taking or which may still be in your system. CBD, when combined with other drugs, can have a different effect than the one expected and the better prepared you are, the better the outcome will be. Speak to a professional who can guide you through your CBD treatment and who can support you every step of the way.

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