If you haven’t done much reading on what is CBD you probably associate it with similar effects to that of marijuana as it is, after all, a substance naturally found in the plant. However, this is not entirely true as the CBD cannabinoid carries its own set of characteristics and has a completely different impact on the body when compared to other cannabinoids found in the plant.

If you are interested in trying CBD as a natural alternative to medicine or are interested in its preventative capabilities, you are probably asking yourselves how this substance will make you feel. Will there be any weird and undefined moments related to mind-altering experiences? Will you feel tired or rather a boost of energy will go through your body? Are there any side-effects or negative possibilities that you should be aware of?

These are certainly questions worth asking before trying something new, especially when we are talking about a drug-related substance. It is worth organizing a consultation with a medical expert or professional from the field who can provide competent advice on potential CBD treatments and can create a unique consumption plan for you and your personal needs.

With that being said, it’s time to jump on to the description of how CBD might make you feel.

Expecting the CBD to work its magic

For starters, CBD is not the typical drug that you might have experience with or heard about. Unlike smoking marijuana or taking other drugs, CBD is purely a cannabinoid extracted from the plant, meaning that its effects will be pure and soothing. The nature of the cannabinoid itself is not psychoactive, meaning that it will not cause mind alterations of psychoactive effects. As such, it is extremely safe to use, both for children and elderly people, who might be more vulnerable when exposed to strong psychoactive substances.

When consuming CBD, there will be no special “kick in” effect once the compound is absorbed by the body. You might be expecting a certain buzz, change of mood, or something special to appear, but in most cases, this will not happen. Especially if you have consulted your CBD treatment with an experienced professional, the suggested dose will ensure that there are no shocking moments as the compound enters your system. Instead, your body will slowly begin to feel the effects as the substance gradually increases in your system with regular intake.

It is worth mentioning that the different CBD products will have slightly varied effects in regards to how long CBD takes to work. For instance, vaping CBD will instantly provide its effect, while CBD edibles may take longer to be absorbed by the body. If you are struggling from serious pain that you are looking to immediately decrease, it is advisable to look for a product that will have an instant effect.

CBD oil is one of the most commonly used CBD products and can even be prescribed by medical professionals. With CBD oil consumption, after a few minutes have passed, you might experience a slight sensation of calmness. The cannabinoid is often used by patients suffering from insomnia before going to bed as it provides a feeling of relaxation and helps patients fall asleep faster.

CBD makes you feel calmer

The CBD cannabinoid has an influence on the body thanks to the endocannabinoid system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. Once CBD is in contact with these receptors, which are responsible for different parts of the body’s functions, including mood regulation, the cannabinoid can trigger certain responses and be an active player in altering mood swings or emotions.

If you are someone who has experienced anxiety after the consumption of CBD oil you will notice an instant relief and will probably discover that you are no longer as worried regarding daily challenges or stressful situations. CBD is a great alternative to taking pills or other methods of treating anxiety, which may have negative side-effects. The rich palette of CBD alternatives means that you can consume CBD edibles, add CBD in your morning juice or coffee, or vape on it an instantly feel relaxed and calmer. Once the stress is gone, you will be free to complete your daily tasks as normal or take on the challenges with a clear mind.

Using CBD as an anxiety relief can help in a number of situations and can prevent you from making emotional decisions based on instincts or the heat of the moment.

CBD will take the pain away

One of the most important characteristics of CBD is its ability to act as pain-relief. Regardless of whether it is chronic pain that you are dealing with or muscle pain from your latest hit in the gym, CBD can be of help. As we mentioned, the compound will not play tricks on your mind and will certainly not lock you to the couch for hours but its value is far better. Especially for patients suffering from serious conditions such as cancer, who may be undergoing painful treatments, CBD will instantly take the pain away.

Another main property of the compound is that it is anti-inflammatory, meaning that it can provide overall healing of the body from previous or current injuries. CBD provides a natural solution to pain and is increasingly becoming a preferred method for fighting with chronic pain.

What makes it special is that there are no side-effects and no risk of overdosing unlike with other medication. If pharmaceuticals fail to cure the pain immediately there is a possibility that patients feel tempted to take more to get the desired effect. This may sometimes lead to severe side-effects such as nausea, sweating, and more. With CBD, there are no serious side-effects registered from overdosing.

CBD will keep you sober

CBD lacks any intoxicating agents and is not psychoactive, as we already touched upon. The CBD compound found in products such as CBD oil has been carefully extracted from the marijuana plant, ensuring that the additional substances such as other cannabinoids like THC have been removed to the maximum. There are different extraction methods which will ultimately result in varied CBD products and it is advisable to read the label of your product to establish what type of CBD you are purchasing.

Not only will CBD not make you feel intoxicated or with a blurred mind, but it can actually make you feel rested, refreshed, and more concentrated than before consumption. CBD can even be used as a substitute for coffee in the morning as it gives you a slight power nudge to help you start the day. Your alertness is likely to increase and chances are that you will become more productive and will easily cope with the daily tasks. CBD is often used for maintaining better focus at work or school or increased concentration during exams or important office meetings. Sounds like a true magic herb, right?

CBD will make you feel rested and refreshed

CBD is commonly prescribed to people suffering from sleeping disorders. Its ability to calm and relax you will work wonders if you are someone who is constantly feeling tired and restless. As a natural cure for insomnia, consuming CBD will help you take on your tasks with a clear mind as if you have slept for eight full hours every night for the past ten years.

If you have experience with sleeping pills you are most likely familiar with the unpleasant side effects of feeling something like a small hangover in the morning. It takes hours before your mind can feel refreshed and you are at your full capability. With CBD, there is no need to worry about any post-effects as there are none. In fact, if you happen to suffer from a hard hangover, CBD oil can help you fight it off and focus on your daily routine.

CBD will make you hungry for more

The cannabinoid is well-known for its ability to cure nausea, making it especially valuable as a source for boosting your appetite. Although this may not always be your top desire, people who suffer from depression, anorexia, or are going through cancer treatment, may have lost their appetite as a result of pain or lack of motivation for life. By working with the endocannabinoid system’s receptors, CBD stimulates a stronger appetite and encourages the body to intake valuable nutritious supplies which it can later use as energy. Furthermore, a proper diet is a guarantee for a strong immune system that will help you fight away any disease.

If you are after the high effect provided by marijuana and other related drugs, maybe CBD is not the right option for you. However, if you are looking for a more gradual and certainly positive effect on your body and natural treatment to a certain health condition give CBD a try and explore its vast potential. There is no need to worry about side-effects or the risk of overdosing. CBD is safe to use and will cause no harm to your mind and body.

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