The effects of cannabis on the human body have demonstrated that the plant’s use is far deeper than relaxing and enjoying a movie night with munchies on a sofa. Research on the cannabis species shows that the plant is extremely complex, comprises of hundreds of different elements, and if used appropriately can support the body with serious conditions, including the fight with cancer.

Some cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC, have been popularized more than others. However, the fact is that each cannabinoid carries its distinct traits and can influence the body via different receptors, therefore causing different effects. The world of cannabinoids is extremely rich and digging into their nature is quite interesting and enriching. After all, what better way to enhance our body than with the gems offered by nature?

Of course, the evolution of medicine provides a cure for merely anything. But what about the long-term effects of most standard medications? And the threat of overdosing or damaging the body’s natural cycle? These factors are not an area of concern when looking into the potential of cannabis used for medical purposes as the herb is neither addictive nor can lead to severe, damaging side-effects.

To better understand the way cannabis works in our bodies we will look into one of the most beneficial medical cannabinoids from the plant – CBGV.

CBGV: What is it?

CBGV or cannabigerivarin is a cannabinoid acid, which originates from CBG – “the mother of all cannabinoids”. The reason behind CBG’s title of being the source of all cannabinoids is that it actually is the molecular source of all others. Both THC and CBD originate from CBG and without it, cannabis’ potential would not be as vast as it is. Unlike THC, CBG is not a psychoactive compound and will not produce any mind-alterations in the consumer. In that sense, its consumption is preferable and regarded as safer when compared to THC.

Some have suggested that CBGV and CBD’s relationship is quite similar to that of THCV and THC. CBGV is found in small amounts in specific cannabis strains and like other cannabinoid acids, is activated via exposure to heat or light. Apart from having an effect on the human body when consumed, CBGV also plays an important role in the cannabis plant.

CBGV and the cannabis plant

Cannabis plants are usually vulnerable and require special care in order to grow healthy and produce high-quality marijuana. Like other plants, cannabis contains certain elements, which play the role of protectors of the plant. CBGV and other acids are a perfect example, as it provides insecticidal benefits and can support the plant in developing resistance to diseases, which could otherwise significantly harm the plant.

CBGV and the human body

The effects of the cannabinoid are even more interesting in the human body. CGBV successfully support’s the body’s metabolism of cannabidiol or CBD and can help dampen the cell receptors to THC. It can overall be used as an enhancer for the cannabinoids which enter the body and increase their effectiveness. It can be compared to a stimulator for cannabis’ cannabinoids to better attach to the endocannabinoid system’s receptors.

There has been evidence suggesting that CBGV can also be used as an anticonvulsant but more research is required in order to officially make the compound a legitimate treatment for the condition. The cannabinoid also possesses anti-inflammatory traits and can be suggested to patients suffering from arthritis or fibromyalgia. CBGV is not the only cannabinoid associated with treating skin conditions but it has been especially successful in curing dry-skin and recovering the natural skin balance of the body.

Similarly to CBD, the cannabinoid is also related to the treatment of cancer. Apart from assisting the body by stopping cancer cells from growing and spreading, it can also be of help during chemotherapy due to its pain relieving capabilities. Furthermore, if consumed in certain quantities and appropriate intake patterns, the cannabinoid can even destroy the cancer cells.

The interest in cannabis has resulted in increased research and a more detailed analysis of the plant. Chances are that marijuana’s future will be bright as it is already becoming apparent that its cannabinoids have infinite potential in boosting the body and supporting it in otherwise threatening conditions. Thanks to cannabinoids such as CBGV we have another alternative to curing pain, cancer, inflammation, and more.


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