Anyone with their finger anywhere near the pulse will have heard of CBD. The industry has seen a boom in the last few years in the United States, and it looks like things are going the same way in the UK. According to the online platform, Wowcher, sales in the UK of CBD products have already doubled in the first three months of this year from the whole of last year.

The size of the CBD explosion is helping to create a brand new industry in the UK, and from this, we are seeing fledgling CBD companies springing up here, there and everywhere. And with these new businesses, we are seeing a host of new products coming out, stretching CBD creative minds and giving the general public CBD products that they never could have ever imagined.

Why CBD?

Increasing amounts of research into the cannabis plant in the 1990s have shown the value of the plant and its compounds. Of course, some people have been able to tell you for centuries about some of the benefits of the cannabis plant, but it is only recently that scientists have begun to be able to explain the whys about how it can be beneficial to us.

CBD is one of the compounds in the cannabis plant, which can be extracted and then made into products which can then be consumed by us. Most CBD products are actually made from a strain of cannabis called hemp – a variety which has been specially cultivated to not make you high.

You can find out more about CBD here.

Although CBD requires a degree of processing to make it effective when we take it, it is, in fact, a very versatile substance. For example, it can be eaten, smoked, vapourised, taken under the tongue and even rubbed onto the skin. And this leaves a huge market for anyone who understands how it works, to join the CBD rush and come up with some ingenious products.

Some of the best CBD products that we are seeing in 2019

Just as different people use CBD for different things, take different doses and take it in different ways, not all CBD products are for everyone. However, the good thing is that once you know how much CBD you want to take, you can experiment with different CBD products and discover which one(s) you like the most.

1.      CBD Jelly Beans

Most people who are interested in CBD will have heard of chewy CBD gummies – one of the first and most popular CBD edibles. CBD jelly beans take the whole chewy sweet thing a step further by offering a jelly bean infused with CBD, in an array of different flavours – including mango and toasted marshmallow, as well as sugar-free versions and a sour range.

2.      CBD Burger

For those who love a fast food burger, we are beginning to see the emergence of the CBD burger – which is actually a normal burger, served with CBD infused sauce to give it a healthy kick. In fact, sauces like this are easy to make and can be eaten with any burger you feel like.

3.      CBD pet products

Just as humans have an endocannabinoid system which can be affected by CBD, so do most other mammals with a backbone, So, there’s no reason why we can’t allow our pets to benefit from the goodness that CBD brings. CBD pet products usually come in the shape of biscuits or treats which contain a single dose of CBD. Just remember to keep them hidden so avoid unwanted raiding in the middle of the night!

4.      CBD bath bombs

If you’re looking for a truly relaxing way to enjoy your bath, you can’t go far wrong with a CBD bath bomb. As you unwind in the bath you can let the CBD work its magic, being absorbed through the skin and giving you a sense of calm unlike any other.

5.      CBD Olive Oil

Not to be confused with hemp seed oil (which contains no CBD at all), CBD olive oil is made by, erm, infusing olive oil with CBD. It is perfect for drizzling on your salad, stirring into pasta or adding to a sauce – but don’t directly heat it and use it to fry an egg, for example – it tastes terrible and you will have overheated the goodness out of the CBD.

6.      CBD drinks

One of the most popular trends that we are seeing is CBD drinks. These can range from CBD water, to juices, to beer, to coffee, to cocktails and everywhere in-between. There are coffee shops serving coffee with a shot of CBD in it popping up all over East London and CBD cocktails are quickly becoming the new ‘thing’. It almost seems that where there’s a drink, there’s a CBD drink!

7.      CBD honey

We all know that honey can be tremendously good for us. So, by adding some CBD to it, it becomes even more healthy. You can use honey in cakes, on toast, in your tea, in your porridge – or just eat it from the spoon, it is so versatile. Just don’t forget that there is CBD in it and be careful not to eat too much!

8.      CBD massage oils

Who doesn’t like a nice massage? Many of us have problems with muscles or other physical pain which could potentially benefit from the use of CBD. CBD massage oil can be rubbed straight into the skin, especially around those problem areas, helping to soothe pain and helping you to relax in general.

9.      CBD skin care products

With more and more research showing how CBD can help with skincare, we are seeing an explosion in CBD skin care products. From cleansing wipes to moisturisers, lip balms to oils and soaps to serums, the health and beauty industry is certainly embracing the CBD boom.

10.  CBD baked goods

CBS is notoriously good in baked goods. Whether you enjoy cake, a biscuit or even granola, we are now beginning to see CBD infused into some of our favourite baked goods.

11.  CBD chocolate

It doesn’t get much better than CBD chocolate. It is delicious to eat, and we are now beginning to see new ideas and new flavours, from white to dark chocolate, mint flavour, cherry flavour, or maybe a little cheeky chilli-infused, CBD-infused chocolate. It’s what dreams are made of…

12.  CBD patches

Working in the same way as nicotine patches, CBD patches allow for the slow absorption of CBD through the skin. They can be worn on the skin just like any other patches, are discrete and are a great way of targeting pain in a specific area on your body.

13.  CBD cooling spray

CBD cooling spray can be a godsend if you are an athlete suffering from an injury. It works in the same way as a ‘normal’ cooling spray – by spraying it on the affected area, but this time the area also gets a hit of pain-relieving CBD.

CBD is safe, non-addictive and has no long lasting side effects. If you are thinking about trying CBD for the first time, speak to your doctor first to check that it won’t affect any medication that you are taking (CBD can change how the body breaks down some medications).

As long as THC levels in the product are less than 0.2%, the product will be legal and not make you feel high. The product packaging should tell you about the levels of the cannabinoids in it.

With the boost in the UK’s CBD market, we have seen a veritable flood of new CBD products on the market. As we gain more understanding about CBD, we will almost certainly see the CBD industry growing from strength to strength here – just as in the US. And as these new products become more readily available, it is likely that we will see more and more people able to enjoy the benefits that CBD can give them.


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