Hemp is gaining an increased amount of attention today, with its diverse list of useful ingredients that can certainly play a role in the maintaining of a healthy lifestyle. The plant is closely associated with Marijuana and has been legalized in a number of U.S. states, not only for the purposes of production of socks, rope, paper, and more industrial and commercial products but for human consumption as well.

Some of the strongest and most important agricultural producers of Hempseed include Canada, Austria, China, Australia, Great Britain, France, and Spain. In countries, where the difference between Hemp and Marijuana has not been made clear, it is likely that the plant and its products will remain illegal.

Research has revealed that Hemp and its seeds can have a curing effect on the body and can be actively used for nutrition purposes, with the aim of giving the body all that it needs from a healthy diet. When looking into the relationship between Hemp and the human body, it is essential to understand what Hemp seeds are, what they are used for, and how they can be consumed.

What are Hemp seeds?

For starters, Hemp and Marijuana do differentiate from one another, not only visually, but in chemical compound and use for the human body. Hemp seeds belong to the Cannabis Sativa plant and contain small amounts of THC, which make it non-psychoactive. In other words, consuming Hemp will not get you “high” as Marijuana will, and will not make your senses heightened nor will your mind wander across different realities. The benefits of Hemp are less related to mind-altering moments and are more focused on the body’s health.

The Hemp seed is actively used in health foods, organic body care, or other forms of nutraceuticals. Hemp seeds have been used in history by a range of different tribes as a rouse of natural remedy and a boost to the body.

What do Hemp seeds include?

Hemp seeds are a rich source of a range of useful for the body elements. They are believed to provide essential compounds, which help regulate the body’s normal functions and help maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is only made possible thanks to the diverse set of ingredients found within the Hemp seed.


Protein is an essential part of the body as it is an important component of every cell. Without protein, our cells would not be able to build or repair tissues, make enzymes, hormones, and a range of other chemicals found in the body. Protein also plays a huge role in the creation and maintenance of cartilage, muscles, bones, skin, and blood. In other words, we’re lost without it.

Hemp seeds are rich in protein and can easily be a substitute for soybeans as they contain a similar amount of protein. From a numbers point of view, 30 grams of Hemp seeds include 9.46 grams of protein, which is not to be overlooked. Hemp seeds include all nine essential amino acids, which are the backbone of all of the body’s proteins. These acids must be indulged via nutrition as the body is not capable of producing them.

Hemp is a valuable source of protein as few plants have such a rich consistency, making it suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Because meat is another major source of protein, its consumption can easily be substituted with that of Hemp. Furthermore, it is easier to digest Hemp when compared to meat as the proteins in the body’s blood have similar chemical makeup.


Another major Hemp seed benefit is their provision of both soluble and insoluble fibers. The difference between the two can be found in the ability to dissolve in the body. While soluble fibers are dissolved by water, insoluble fibers are not. This means that insoluble fibers travel through the body in their whole form and has the ability to clean the body. These fibers are not easily found within food, making Hemp seeds even more valuable.

The fiber in Hemp seeds is mostly found in the outer shell but the valuable resource can be found in other parts, apart from the shell.

Unsaturated Fats

The essential fatty acids found within Hemp seeds is another reason for their popularity. Our bodies are not able to create essential fatty acids alone and hence need the help of supplements or nutrition in order to get these valuable sources into our systems. Such fatty acids include alpha-linolenic acid or omega-3 and omega-6. Hemp seeds are also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFAs.

Minerals and Vitamins

The mineral and vitamin makeup of Hemp seeds is also amusing. The seeds contain decent amounts of Vitamin E, vitamin B, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, iron, and zinc. Hemp seeds also contain thiamine, Vitamin B-6, folate, riboflavin, and niacin.

All of these ingredients help with certain functions of the body and are all essential in the normal health condition. Although most can be found within other foods, the strong presence of such a wide range of sources makes Hemp seeds a valuable and lucrative product.

Products made from Hemp seeds

The Hemp seed is used for the production of four dominant products, which have their separate purposes of consumption. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Protein powder or flour made from Hemp seeds

For those in search of high doses of protein from their Hemp consumption, Hemp protein powder or Hemp flour is an ideal substitute. The powder or flour is derived from the leftovers of the extraction of oil. The product gives the consumer a substantial amount of proteins and fibers and can be used by athletes as well. Within the consumption of this product, it is essential to check the qualities of protein and fiber found within in order to create a balanced and well-organized diet.

Shelled seeds

Another product that can be purchased from a store in a country, where Hemp has been legalized, is shelled Hemp seeds. In other words, what you are purchasing, in this case, is the seed without the shell. Shelled Hemp seeds are again predominantly used for their protein. The good news is that shelled Hemp seeds are tasty, with their tempting nutty flavor, and can easily be added to a standard diet.

Whole Hemp seeds

Whole Hemp seeds offer the full range of ingredients, including protein, fibers, and oils. However, it’s worth noting that during the production of the seeds, regulation obliges producers to undergo specific processes, including the heating of the seeds in order to sterilize them. The heating process may cause a level of harm and disruption to the oils, making them not as concentrated as in their original form.

The shell is easy to consume and does have its values, such as its high concentration of fibers.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil has become a popular product, used for a range of purposes. One of the main advantages of the oils is that it is concentrated with important fatty acids, which the body requires in order to work properly. Our immune system would not be able to function without the presence of these fats, which are considered as good for the body. The Hemp seed oil fats are essential for the body and they may not be produced independently, meaning that we will always rely on an external source of fats.

Hemp seed oil helps to restore the skin’s youth and moisture and can help with the reduction of allergic reactions or immune responses.

Hemp seeds can be used in a range of products, which can be purchased from official stores. For instance, from a nutrition perspective, producers have introduced to the market products such as Hemp milk, cheese or nutrition bars. If you are fond of home cooking, you could explore creative meals with the use of Hemp seeds and make pumpkin Hemp seed bread, Hemp seed tabouli, Hemp seed salad dressing, or use them to sprinkle on top of yogurt, rice pilafs, or anything else that you may favor.

Apart from the food industry, Hemp seeds can be found in a range of body lotions, creams, and oils, as an alternative way of consumption. The different consumption methods are likely to have a different effect on the body due to their diverse set of concentration levels of different compounds. To make the most of Hemp seed products, make sure to research the product thoroughly, ask for its production methods, if possible, and check its sources.

Hemp seed products have been legalized in a number of countries but still, remain illegal in others. Check your local laws to ensure that the products you are seeking are legal and accessible. Hemp seeds are rich in a number of valuable sources for the body, making them healthy and almost essential for the normal functioning of our systems.

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