CBD oil has become an attractive product due to its vast majority of health benefits. The product has been proven to have a positive influence on a range of health conditions, which may otherwise be difficult to tackle, even with medication. The magic of CBD oil stems back to the Marijuana and Hemp plants, which both give rise to controversial opinions, even today. Research may have had its say on the topic but the plants remain illegal in the majority of the world.

However, the world is turning a more liberal eye towards the plants, especially Marijuana, thanks to its powers to heal the body and mind in a number of ways. Medical marijuana has already been legalized in a number of countries, including Canada, Chile, Spain, Italy, and a number of U.S. states. A natural cure and a valuable natural remedy, one of the most precious substances found within the Marijuana and Hemp plants is CBD, the main ingredient for CBD oil.

CBD oil is now officially sold in a number of U.S. states and different countries around the world. Although it may be easy to access the product and benefit from its powers, it may be useful to share a few tips on purchasing CBD oil online in order to avoid making mistakes. Let’s take a look at all you need to know before buying CBD oil online

Not all CBD oil is the same

For starters, let’s begin by mentioning that not all CBD oil is created equal. Just like any other product, which we regularly purchase, different producers and manufacturers use different substances to create the end product. In the case of CBD oil, it can be derived from both Marijuana plants and Hemp plants.

But aren’t they the same?

No. Marijuana and Hemp may belong to the same species or Cannabis, but they are different and nature. Their distinction is not only vivid through visual observation, but their characteristics are different as well. For instance, Marijuana contains large quantities of THC, the psychoactive substance that leads to the “high” state of mine, while Hemp contains very low levels of THC. The cultivation of both plants is different and while marijuana plants grow apart from each other in very strictly controlled environments, Hemp plants are positioned very close to one another and can grow in different climates.

The extraction methods used for the creation of CBD oil also vary. Depending on the chosen method, the CBD oil can be of very high CBD concentration or low. The level of CBD found within the chosen CBD oil will be important for establishing the necessary dosage and predicting the effect on the body. Especially if you are trying to tackle a serious health condition such as cancer, the concentration of CBD in the oil would need to be higher.

Check if the producer is legit

Although it may seem straightforward that if a product is sold online then the manufacturer must be regulated, this may not always be the case. Every country has its own specific regulations regarding CBD oil production and it is essential that you research where your product has come from. Especially when it comes to Hemp CBD oil, the chances are that a lot of the products found on the market will not be officially regulated, which may mean lower quality for the consumer. Don’t simply rely on the trendy side of the product or its marketing. Dig deeper to uncover any potential threats and ensure that the chosen product is of high quality.

Choosing low-quality CBD oil may have no effect on the body whatsoever but it may lead to a number of negative influences, which may trigger poor health of heightened symptoms. Here are a few pointers that will help you establish whether the CBD oil is safe to purchase:

Ask if the CBD oil has gone through third-party lab tests: Official tests from a third party laboratory are one of the clearest signs of safety. The unbiased review of these laboratories can give consumers comfort and trust in the product to purchase. Ask for lab reports to see what the actual cannabinoid levels found within the CBD oil are and whether the product has been guaranteed as safe for consumption. These reports may be available as part of the description of the product but they may also be granted upon request. One thing is for sure, a lack of response from the seller or refusal to provide lab reports may only mean one thing – danger.

It is also important to check the laboratory in which the tests were performed to confirm that it is a quality and legit lab. Last but not least, check the date of the tests to ensure that they are not outdated. For instance, a laboratory report from four years ago can certainly not be seen as a legit confirmation of a product’s quality today.

The report should also include details such as possible contaminants found within the CBD oil. Sometimes, during the process of CBD oil creation, harmful substances such as bacteria or mold can enter. This may cause a serious threat to your health.

Check what the THC level of the CBD oil is

As mentioned, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a powerful psychoactive substance which has a tremendous effect on both the mind and body. It is what Marijuana consumers or stoners are after, seeking a mind-altering journey, with heightened senses and new experiences. However, THC can have a negative effect on patients suffering from certain conditions as it may cause panic attacks, increased sense of pain, and more.

When buying CBD oil online, check the quantity of THC found within the product. The maximum amount of THC allowed in CBD oil in the UK and EU is 0.2%, majority of U.S. states is 0.3% or 0.5%. This will not only prevent you from potentially exposing your mind and body to risk but it will ensure that the product remains legal.

What else can be found in the CBD oil?

Now that you have analyzed the THC and CBD levels found within the oil, it’s time to uncover what else is in there. All CBD oils should be promoted or sold accompanied with an ingredients list to show consumers their true nature. Our advice is to search for CBD oil, which puts an emphasis on organic products and natural ingredients. CBD oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, and useful fatty acids. If there is no ingredients list to be found, contact the seller before purchasing the product and request details on the CBD oil.

Where did the CBD come from?

CBD oil is not your standard pick of oils from the store. As a natural remedy with a powerful and almost magical effect on the body, it may be useful to gain more details on its origin and cultivation. This may not always be possible, depending on the online store you are purchasing from, but the more information you collect, the more comfortable you will be with the product.

The main manufacturers of Hemp include China and Europe but CBD can be sourced from a range of different countries. The importance behind the origin of the CBD can be found in the differences in the soil in different parts of the world. While one soil may be extremely nutrient-rich, giving birth to quality CBD, others may not be as preferable. Useful questions for the manufacturer or seller may include the Ph-balance of the soil, as well as questions about the potential use of pesticides and GMOs. If you are seeking a natural cure it is only logical that you would require a pure and clean CBD oil.

What type of CBD was used for the CBD oil?

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but there are in fact different types of CBD. CBD can be isolated, full spectrum, or broad spectrum, and the different truly matters. While CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, which is extracted from Hemp and afterward isolated from additional cannabinoids, full spectrum CBD is extracted from the plant together with the other cannabinoids. In this sense, CBD isolates are extremely rich in CBD, with 99% pure CBD extract, while full spectrum CBD includes certain THC levels.

Broad spectrum CBD, on the other hand, is a combination of CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. To simplify the explanation, broad-spectrum CBD is like full spectrum CBD with the THC taken out of the equation.

As you can see purchasing CBD oil is not a simple task and as a consumer, the suggestion is to enter the field well-prepared and factually backed up. Although CBD oil can have a magnificent effect on the body, it is essential that the right product is selected in order to reap the benefits of the compound. We hope that this guide to buying CBD oil online will help shed some light on the process and will help you avoid any dangers when consuming CBD oil.

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