The pharmaceutical industry in different parts of the world has recently opened up towards the idea that CBD found in marijuana can be extracted with a medical purpose. With the approach of a more positive mentality towards the powerful green plant in countries such as Canada, Spain, Chile, and a number of U.S. states, the true benefits of the flower’s substances are explored and used in a variety of ways.

Marijuana is no longer simply associated with the hipster way of living, a quick getaway from reality, or the stoner approach to life. Rather, its hidden potential is uncovered as a natural and reliable cure to a number of health conditions, discomforts, or psychological disorders.

One of the most commonly discussed compounds found in cannabis is CBD or Cannabidiol, the second most dominant cannabinoid discovered in the marijuana plant. Let’s explore in more depth what CBD actually stands for, what the popular CBD oil is and how it influences the mind and body, and see what the top health benefits of the oil are.

The True Nature of CBD

Unlike the THC found in cannabis, which is a psychoactive component, CBD is a not psychoactive and will not cause the “high” effect that marijuana smokers experience when consuming the plant. CBD is naturally found inside the marijuana plant and has the ability to interact with the human body’s cannabinoid receptors and the brain. CBD can be found in agricultural hemp and in medical cannabis and is more often used for medical purposes when compared to THC.

The CBD found in cannabis is extremely valuable and is often found within the agricultural hemp plant, the plant with the highest growth speed in the world.

Although there are two different types of cannabinoid receptors, including CB1 and CB2, CBD does not have a lot of relation to either. The way CBD interacts with the body is rather by triggering non-cannabinoid receptors. Some of the main receptors that CBD activates are the fatty acid amide hydrolase, the PPAR-gamma receptors responsible for breaking beta-amyloid plaque and lipids, insulin sensitivity, and more; the TRPV1 receptors, with their active role in managing pain, body temperature, and inflammation, or the GPR55 receptors, which take part in controlling bone density and blood pressure.

In other words, by interacting with our body and mind, CBD is capable of influencing a number of changes within our system. CBD oil is the dominant type of product used today by people looking to improve a certain health condition or discomfort.

CBD Oil Explained

CBD oil has already entered the lives of many and is potentially here to stay. Although the oils have been used for millennia, controversial opinions and disputes resulted in the topic of medical marijuana becoming taboo. However, recent research uncovers the reality behind the plant’s powerful potential and medical marijuana has once again returned.

CBD oil is one of the widely used marijuana products for medical purposes and is simply a concentrated liquid extract of the Cannabis sativa plant. Hence, every CBD oil will differ from the rest because of the different methods used for extraction. The oil is used for a variety of reasons, including pain relief of the treatment of a diverse set of conditions.

The oil can be consumed by smoking or vaping, but it can also be taken in the form of tinctures, edibles, and more. Although from a chemical perspective, CBD oil cannot be addictive, the effects felt from the oil can be tempting to some, in a similar way to food or regular exercise. CBD oil should be used after a consultation with a professional, who can provide advice regarding the dosage and right times of consumption.

But what are the actual health benefits from CBD oil?

CBD Oil Used for Treating Health Conditions

CBD oil can be helpful for a range of different health conditions or discomforts and its success is starting to be uncovered via scientific studies.

CBD oil for pain relief

Pain is a common discomfort that the majority of the world’s population has experienced or is chronically experiencing. It can be a result of minor trauma or a serious condition, which negatively influences our daily lives. Natural cures for pain relief have been a top desire and thanks to CBD oil, the search is now over. Pain can be managed with CBD oil as cannabinoids inhibit neuronal transmission in pain pathways. As a result, pain caused by inflammation or neuropathic reasons can be significantly reduced. CBD oil can even be helpful in reducing pain from multiple sclerosis.

CBD oil limits anxiety.

CBD is known to have a positive effect on anxiety, helping limit the negative sensations of the condition. The disorder is among the most commonly seen in the U.S., affecting more than 6.8 million people, and the number is only growing. The effects of anxiety prevent individuals from communicating properly in a social circle and are likely to damage the normal behavior and way of life.

CBD oil has been proved to have an anxiety-reducing effect on consumers, helping those suffering tackle the problem. The product is also beneficial for curing cognitive impairment and speech disorders.

CBD oil can help you fight nausea.

It is not a recent discovery that CBD can help treat nausea. Cannabis has a long history of being used to decrease nausea or vomiting. Studies conducted both on animals and human volunteers prove that both CBD and THC play a role in reducing nausea and relieving the patient from unpleasant symptoms.

One of the studies proving the effect was carried out on rats. The study proved that CBD has the ability to play in a diphasic way. In other words, when consumed in small doses, the compound can limit toxin-induced vomiting. However, if consumed in higher doses than normal, CBD oil may have the opposite effect and stimulate nausea or show no signs of a positive effect. If you have decided to explore the benefits of CBD oil it is essential to do your research and visit a doctor or other professional for a consultation regarding the product.

CBD oil helps prevent developing diabetes.

Another top health benefit of CBD oil is its prevention of diabetes, although the subject is not widely discussed. Diabetes is another health condition that has a massive spread across the human population. CBD oil can be used for the prevention of diabetes by lowering insulin levels in the body, which is otherwise a factor causing diabetes. The oil can also be beneficial in treating insulin resistance or preventing the body’s cells from rejecting insulin. When the process of insulin rejection takes place, glucose cannot be properly absorbed by the body, meaning that there is a lack of energy.

Research suggests that CBD’s power as an anti-inflammatory substance helps avoid this issue. In addition, CBD oil can be of help when fighting obesity and decreasing appetite.

Treating cancer with CBD oil

One of the most significant benefits of CBD oil is its effect on cancer cells in the body. Although the subject remains controversial and has not been 100% proven, studies reveal that CBD oil does, in fact, have a positive effect in the fight with cancer. For starters, CBD oil, as mentioned earlier, is a great relief for pain, which inevitably accompanies cancer and its treatment. The compound can also be used for the treatment of cancer but the dosage needs to be carefully calculated to avoid the opposite result. CBD oil is believed to have a pro-apoptotic effect, leading to the prevention of cell migration or invasion.

CBD oil can help you sleep better.

Sleep may not often be associated with a health condition but it is, in fact, an essential factor for maintaining a healthy and productive lifestyle. Sleep disorders are a common complaint and are often a result of stress or depression. CBD oil can be used for treating sleep problems and recovering a normal sleeping pattern. Due to the way CBD communicates with the endocannabinoid system in the body, it can be a useful method for tackling insomnia. The compound is especially successful in helping those suffering from neurological conditions improve their sleeping cycles. In addition, REM sleep behavior disorder can be treated with oil.

The above-mentioned benefits of CBD oil are just a few and take part in an extensive list of health improving outcomes from the substance. Before indulging in a CBD oil therapy, it is advisable to have a clear understanding of your specific condition, health objectives, and always consider the origin of the product in addition to its suggested dosage. Although there are a vast number of pros of using CBD oil, overdosing may cause a negative or no effect on your condition.

If you are interested in trying CBD, read our guide on purchasing CBD online.

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